Jul 25

Fuck Club

Fuck Club Lesbian Pussy Licking Blonde in AirplaneFuck Club Hentai Video

This is a funny Parody to the Fight Club. A dumb blonde slut named Charlie. She is given a therapist’s card and thinks he is the rapist and goes to his testicular cancer meeting. There she meets the crazy chick in Fight Club who is all over some guy. You are given two choices. Option 1 has Charlie giving a dude a blowjob and option 2 is Charlie and the other chick fighting it out. During the fight, there will be two buttons: a punch button and a knee button. Either way Charlie will automatically start to go crazy punching the chick and eventually win the fight.

Then there is a scene of Charlie on a plane and there is another hot blonde chick seated near her. You are then given two oxygen masks for choices. Oxygen mask number one on the left, will turn out with the chick giving Charlie her ass to lick. Oxygen mask number two will turn out with Charlie licking her pussy.

Then there are two more options. Option 1 is for boob grabs and option 2 is for pussy licking. Then there are a bunch of people naked in a basement area where Charlie goes over the rules of Fuck Club which are similar to Fight Club rules. The first rule of Fuck club is that you fuck everyone in Fuck Club. The second rule of Fuck club is that you fuck everyone in Fuck Club. The third rule of Fuck Club is that if it is your first night at Fuck Club, you must fuck. And the fourth rule of Fuck Club is that the fuck is over when someone says stop or goes limp.

Then charlie tells the other chick to go fuck herself and you are given two options: anal beads, or pink vibrator. After pleasing herself, she sets off a bomb, and even if she was using anal beads she will be laying face down with her ass in the air and the pink vibrator in her twat.

Then you are presented with a screen where you can go back to any of the option screens or the intro. Here is another video with the similar option format with Charlie as well, Celebrity Jeopardy Hentai Video.

Elli Sanders

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