Jun 10

Blonde Toon Lets Oviposition Frog Monster Breed Her

Blonde Toon Lets Oviposition Frog Monster Breed Her

This sexy blonde has been mated like this before. On all four taking the insect frogs oviposition egg laying like a boss! Sucking some other monsters cock. Held so sweetly, they all know she wont run! Their sweet breeding technique has kept her from ever thinking about leaving. All she does now is wait for her next batch of babies to be born so she can do this again!

-Elli Sanders

Blonde Toon Lets Oviposition Frog Monster Breed Her

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Jan 11

Fuck Town: Network Stranger

fuck town network stranger hentai flash gameFuck Town: Network Stranger Meet and Fuck

This game is about an online chat that turns to video if you make the correct choices in what to say. For example, she does not like to be asked if she has ever had anal sex. However, if you answer incorrectly, you are allowed to go back and reselect your answer. Then you are taken to a video of her having lesbian sex with her boss in which you must giggle your mouse in order to move their bodies and get them off. Then you are to click and hold over certain areas of her body to get her off. I couldn’t figure it out after pinching both of her nipples, so I gave up, but thankfully her pleasure bar did not go down for any reason, therefore I could do the wrong thing and take as long as I wanted to figure it out without penalty. Play high quality sex games on the home page.

Elli Sanders

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