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An XXX Mass Tail

An XXX Mass Tail Charlie Elf Gang Bang Adult Cartoon Video An XXX Mass Tail Hentai Movie

This Christmas Charlie video shows Chris Cockin (Christopher Walken) as an army colonel man who spots sexy Charlie in super sexy Santa dress. He brings her along to the North Pole where his mission to stop the cocaine distribution is located. On the plane, while looking over photos of his mission including two reindeers fucking, he gets a boner for Charlie. His dick pops out of his pants and he has an American flag and the words “America the beautiful” on his penis.

Then there is an American flag and a timer to select, this is different than the usual three option screen in most videos with Charlie. The American flag will show Charlie sucking his dick and you have to click the bottom of the screen to make her progress. This is also not common for videos with Charlie, usually they are simply a clip of her being sexy ^_^ The timer will show her sucking his cock but then hearing a ticking sound, while she listens to his story about the ticking watch, she pulls out her left breast and masturbates which you have to click to progress. This little bit of information about a watch being permanently lodged in Chris’s ass helps explain an aspect of the end which may otherwise be confusing ^_^

Then there is a left arrow and a right arrow. The left arrow will show Mrs Carmela Clause showing Charlie the elfs. Most of them will be crowded around her but one is all alone on a stool, you can select either a bunch of elfs or the single elf. The group of elfs will show the elf gang bang clip that she won one of her awards on the video Asscars for her role with midgets. She is holding two elf’s dicks and sucking another and one elf is underneath her with his face in her boobs and one other elf is on the side jumps in her ass after clicking the button on the bottom for a little.

The lone elf will show Charlie approaching him and finding that he would rather be a gynecologist and Charlie lets him lick her pussy.

The right arrow will have Chris fight Santa. You can either punch or kick and alternate between the two. I imagine this is what would be going on as Carmela Clause is showing Charlie the elfs and she is having an elf gang bang. For some reason the video froze and wouldn’t let me do anything after I beat Santa’s ass and balls ^_^

Then when Chris is going to shoot Charlie, you can select to be naughty or nice ^_^ being naughty will show Charlie shoving a dildo in her pussy and flinging it at Chris and knocking him out giving him a black eye. Being nice will show him being naked and fucking naked charlie in front of the fire on the bear rug then charlie grabbing her dildo from under the rug and knocking him out with it. I don’t know why his dick no longer has an American flag on it ^_^

Then you see Chris naked with a gag ball in his mouth and he is put outside with the bear rug ontop of him. An abominable snowman comes and fucks him in the ass, and he also gets shot by a snowman who he is telling his story to in an interrogation room ^_^

You can return to any section of the video which is nice since you can only select one option at a time unlike most other videos with charlie ^_^ we have a full list of videos with Charlie here on dqiucun ^_^

Elli Sanders

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