Sep 03

Martha Screwfart Fucking

Martha Screwfart Threesome Lesbian Cunnlings Double Penetration Strap on Dildo Adult Cartoon Video Martha Screwfart Fucking Hentai Movie

This Martha Stewart adult cartoon parody video with Charlie shows them lesbian 69 in the kitchen for the first option 1. For the first option 2 Martha leaves Charlie to clean her kitchen full of dirty dishes while she goes shopping. For the first option 3, Martha shows her product “Lesbo Fish Soup” bullion base that turns any girly girl into a dyke lesbian lover. Charlie thinks about a lesbian 69 and being fucked by a dick.

This video only allows you to select one option per viewing of the video.

David Fuckerman fucking Charlie doggy style in the garden then pulling out and juicing on her ass for the second option 1. Martha having a devil freak out about David Fuckerman showing up after they cut for commercial for the second option 2. The second option 3 shows Martha shoving a carrot into her pussy.

For the third and final option 1, shows an advertisement for a make-it-yourslef paper mache dildo. For the final option 2, you see Charlie licking Martha while being double pounded by David Fuckerman wearing a strap on dildo. The final option 3 shows David sucking the strap on paper mache dildo while Martha kicks him in the balls. For similar adult cartoon parody videos with Charlie visit the page on dqiucun with all videos with Charlie by clicking the link ^_^

Elli Sanders

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