Jul 16

Dirty Ernie Show 2

Dirty Ernie Show 2 Pimp Lesbian SexDirty Ernie Show 2 Hentai Video

If you haven’t watched the DIRTY Ernie Show episode 1, be sure to check it out as well as watch the following episodes. In this episode, you can select whether Ernie daydreams about traveling in space or being a pimp. He imagines that he is an astronaut who comes across hostile aliens who he tries to seduce but the alien chick has electric teeth in her pussy. He both enjoys it and it hurts him. As a pimp, he sees Cecil and the hot nurse and a dark skinned girl on the corner. He points a gun at Cecil and he runs away. The two chicks begin to scissor in the limo with Ernie next to them.

Then you can select good or bad. Good takes Ernie to a vent where he can see the hot nurse fucking the hot doctor with gentle bounces. Bad takes you to the fat nurse scratching her bare ass. He then gets caught by the fat nurse. You can select to “escape” or to Escape! Escape! will let him get away but lands him in the dirty laundry filled with shitty laundry. “escape” makes him smell ether and he has a nice pleasant mind trip with hopping breast chickens and other crazy psychedelic stuff but ends with him in bed with three Nursies’ and one starts to give him a blowjob. Watch Dirty Ernie Episode 3.

Elli Sanders


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