Jul 23

Us Lesbians Need to Stick Together

Redhead Grinding Pussies Lesbian Sex StoriesUs Lesbians Need to Stick Together

We were sitting in her study. The wind was howling around the house, but it was warm. The fire threw shadows across her long, chestnut hair, as she sat on the large, comfortable settee. I was standing by the fire, allowing it to warm my back, and I could see that she had nothing on underneath her cream silk blouse. The short chocolate colored skirt had ridden up around her thighs, and the tops of stockings peeped tantalizingly from under the hem. As I grew warmer, I drank the cold white wine faster, and then went for a top up, from the bottle sat on the table next to her. She held out her glass, and I filled it, then filled mine. I don’t know what happened next, but somehow I find I’ve spilt the wine on her silk shirt. I can see the dark hard nipple, clearly visible through the wet blouse, and I can’t help myself, I bend down, and take it into my mouth, sucking the wine from her blouse and sucking too, the increasingly hard nipple. I expect her to brush me away in horror, but instead I feel her hand creeping up my thigh, sliding to the bottom of the zip of the leather jeans I’m wearing. The fingers are light and fluttery, driving me mad! I take my mouth away from her nipple, and look into her eyes. I see ‘yes’ written there, so I put down the wine and place my lips on hers, softly at first, then harder. All of a sudden we are locked in a passionate embrace. The silk rips easily as I pull it from her, the buttons flying in all directions, and her pic2flesh, golden in the firelight, awaits my eager tongue.

I lap at her skin, tasting the wine and tasting her, while she pulls at the zip of my jeans. I move slightly to assist her, then tug at the zip of her skirt. We stand up, and the jeans, skirt, and rags, which were her blouse, fall to the floor. Neither she nor I are wearing underwear, and as she pulls my T-shirt over my head, my nipples stand proud and waiting. Her fingers find my tits and stroke them softly. I thrust them closer to   her, and she squeezes them.. I moan, and I feel the heat building up. I push her to the floor, and the soft fur rug tickles my legs as I lay on top of her. My tits hang down and press against hers, the nipples rubbing together. She opens her legs, and I feel the heat from her cunt touching mine. With my mouth on hers, I slide my hand down between us. Her clit jumps at my touch, and it is SO hard. I rub it and she trembles. Taking my mouth from hers, I start to lick my way down her body. Her big tits fill up my mouth, then I move down, sucking, licking, till I bury my face in her hot cunt. I flick my tongue across her clit, then bury my face in her cunt, and her juices fill my mouth as she comes. I put my fingers in her moist hole, and suck her clit. She writhes and moans, and her muscles squeeze my fingers. I move one finger backwards until it presses against the tight hole of her arse. The juices flowing from her cunt run down, and my wet finger slides into her arse. I twist it slowly, and she goes wild! She thrusts her hips up to meet my face, and I take her, fucking her, sucking her, in a heated frenzy. I can feel my own juices running down my thighs, soaking the rug. I lift my face from her, then move round so that we are locked together, legs entwined, clit against clit. She sits up, and supports herself with one hand, squeezes my tits with the other. We rub our cunts together, and they are so wet and slippery. Then I can’t help myself. I come all over her cunt. She pulls away, and moves down between my legs. She starts to eat me, and I’m coming again, filling her mouth, and she sucks at my cunt, drinking it all. I seem to keep coming and coming, while she fucks both my holes with her fingers and tongue, until, spent, she pulls away, and we lay back on the rug, exhausted, and fall asleep.When we awake, she leads me to the shower. But that’s another story….