Jul 16

Dirty Ernie Show 7

Dirty Ernie Show 7 Simple FuckDirty Ernie Show 7 Hentai Video

Wow, almost done with all of the Dirty Ernie episodes, if you haven’t seen all of the previous episodes, go back to the video page and view all episodes. This episode, Ernie invents a brain swapper machine. If you choose a chicken to switch Cecils brain with, Cecil will bawk and the chicken will poop. Cecil will also peck at Flo while she takes him to his bath. If you choose to switch Cecil’s brain with a dog, he will be happy and panting and he will hum Flo’s leg and bark while the dog shits.

Then if you make Buck act like Ernie, he will be fucking Nurse Bubbles when Nursie takes the batteries out of the brain swapper machine making them switch back. IF you make Ernie as Buck, the same thing mostly happens. Watch the last Dirty Ernie episode!
Elli Sanders

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