Sep 03


Seinfelt Elaine giving Jerry Blowjob Kramer Jacking Off in Restarunt Adult Cartoon Video Seinfelt Hentai Movie

This video with Charlie mocking the Seinfeld TV show will show Jerry doing a little stand up comedy show then him mutually masturbating with Charlie on the couch and his neighbor (Kramer) walks in.

The first option 1 shows Charlie riding Jerry’s dick while Craymer jacks off behind them. Option 2 shows Charlie sucking his dick while Kramer jacks off. Option 3 shows Charlie sucking Kramer’s dick while Jerry jacks off.

Then everyone is at their restaurant and there is a clip of George jacking off naked on the couch. The second option 1 shows Jerry dropping his balls into Elaine’s mouth, option 2 shows Kramer dropping his balls into Elaine’s mouth. Option 3 shows Elaine sucking Jerry’s dick while Kramer jacks off.

The final option 1 will show Charlie, Jerry and Kramer having a double penetration threesome with Jerry in her ass. Option 2 will show Elaine licking Charlie’s pussy and all three men jacking off. Option 3 will show George fucking Charlie’s pussy with her legs pushed back.

The video will end with Numan fucking Charlie doggy style. Continue finding more hentai videos and games favorites on the dqiucun homepage….

Elli Sanders

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