Jan 20

Strip Match Pair

strip match pair v2 porn flash gameStrip Match Pair Action and Arcade Hentai Games

Although the start screen shows red boxes where text should be, once you hover over them, you can see what they say, and they work just fine when you click them. Minor glitch. This is a matching card game. There is a four by six gird of cards, thus there are 12 different chicks each with a bundle of seven hot photos.

Once you make a match, the photo will enlarge and there will also be another similar more nude photo of the same chick. You can look at these pictures as long as you want, then when you click on the picture on the right, there will be two more progressively nude and sexy photos of that chick. There will be another one, then two more. A total of seven per chick. You can return to the previous photos by clicking the photo on the left, but once you finish looking at all of the photos you cannot return to see them again, but once you find all of the matches, you can scroll through all of the photos.

There are pictures of hot brunettes, hot Asian chicks, sexy office chicks, sexy schoolgirls, hot teens, hot Latina, hot MILF, hot blonde.

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Elli Sanders

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