Jul 23

The Hitch-hiker

Hitch Hiking Lesbian Sex StoryThe Hitch-hiker

There she was with her body by the freeway
Neither too anxious to hitch-hike
Nor too eager to stay there alone
Covered in all red she glowed like fire
Her blonde arrogance attracted me like magnet
Like an insect ready to jump in fire
The mini could not hide her beauty
The blouse did nothing about her two apples
The stockings failed to guard her legs
All these treasures were there
Open, unshielded and demanding attention
Waiting just for the taking
Her apples to be picked, tested, teased
And eaten right there in her garden
So large they were, they could meet any hunger
Her round smooth thighs to be touched
Making a passage to the cavity between the legs
Butt beauty to be felt, kissed and loved
Her fingers were not for stopping cars
They were for caressing, tickling and scratching
To drive anybody crazy and wild
The body to be protected by another body
The warmth to be shared by warmth
The beauty to be worshiped with cuming joy
Her figure is worth a sculpture’s attention
But her body is worth dying for
Only to be attended by a woman like me
I stopped the car, the modest paradise I travel in,
Letting the door open for the queen to enter
And she did and sat on her throne beside me
She opened her lips to thank
But I heard her sizzling tongue saying ‘kiss me’
The red succulent lips were so tempting
The white cream skin felt like touching
A flower to be cared for
Not to be brought home but to be admired in garden
Her crossed legs wanted desperate attention
My fingers needed desperate touch
So they advanced from the steering wheel on her lap
What shall be jumping out of the hell
Or entering the heaven through golden doors
I only wish it is the later
Heaven it was
She smiled the most beautiful smile in the whole world
So did I with a little response with my fingers
She let me in her mini unbuttoning it one by one
There I was, my hand caressing her most secret place
With nothing between it and her skin
Oh why is this driving
Doing something when the world of joy is at the door
Let us enjoy the pleasure of heaven in full
I freed my other hand from the wheel
She freed myself from the skirt I had
Half naked we were on the back seat of a car
Letting my soaked panties fall to my feet
She put her head inside my bottom nudity
With her tongue swirling and mouth sucking
The blouse and bra felt unbearable
So heavy and so tight and I needed freedom
Oh its so wonderful to be dressed in nudity
My hands could not caress her blouse any more
Desperately needed the soft touch of her tender skin
She too wanted to be as free as me
The blouse came off by four hands
The large braless boobs jumped out of no where
She had them pressed to my mouth that wanted them most
The freedom felt so good, so full of joy
We felt each other to share, to care, to get wet
And wet we were in between our legs
The scent was wild, the wetness so full of juice
Made the nostrils seek for the source
And lips hungry for a sip
The hands moved, the lips kissed
The butts jumped, the voice moaned
The balls were eaten and the nipples pinched
‘Finger it baby, make the volcano erupt’
‘Make the boobs feel the pain, the joy, the ecstasy’
‘Tear me apart with your fingers and let me die’
‘Oh bitch, give me more, suck me more, bite me more’
‘Mmmmm, that’s it, let it come, make me cum’
‘Fuck me harder and make me see the stars’
The car shook as we shook in a hellish heaven
The bodies pressing each other
Feeling every part of it has to offer
‘Oh, bitch, fuck, One two and fuck, one two and fuck’
‘Round and round, up and down, round and round’
And round and round we went
‘Ahhhh, ooooo, mmmmm’ went the hissing sound
The sounds were like rhyme that made us cum
And that we did like nothing between heaven and earth
‘Ah, I can’t take it any more, Ah, Ah, my fucking puss’
‘Its coming honey, cum with me, cummmm…’
‘Yes, yes, Ah, Ah, Ah, Aaaaahhhhhhh…’
So nice it felt, so good it was
Like a beautiful rose in the garden
It will be remembered forever
Lying in the car was two of the happiest women
Who needed a repetition of what they did
And sooner and better than what had got
They started the engine to reach the destination
So they may begin very soon
What they have done and still left undone