Nov 20

High CBD Hemp Cigars WOAH!

Hello my hemp smoking perverts,

Recently I was in America, specifically Colorado and I was visiting some of my hemp and marijuana buddies. I’m a big fan of Taima (Japanese for MJ) but if you didn’t know, yeah, Japan don’t like MJ. However you can have CBD but for the most part most of the products are made from garbage hemp grown in China. So… I don’t use much in Japan because it’s got to be 0% THC, whereas here in America you can buy CBD products up to .3%. But let me tell you now about my trip to Denver and how I bought and tried a LEGAL hemp cigar.

SO… I was really big on a company back in the day here in Denver that was rolling marijuana cigars called Magars it’s basically a cannagar. BUT they have a new branch of their company and they are rolling hemp versions of this that they call Hegar hemp cigars, I was actually very excited to try this. I know that CBD doesn’t get you high but I’ve always been a fan of good quality.

Denver Colorado Hemp Cigar Market

But let me get to this, this hemp cigar I purchased from a local company here in Colorado that is a wholesaler for them informed me that they’ve been selling out constantly. BUT, these are more so luxurious type smokes, but it’s actually the cheapest and from what I saw the most quality type hemp cigar available online. Some others want $80-$90 for a couple grams and they look like garbage thai sticks. I never got into those, they were always crap. But these were pretty good, I highly suggest purchasing one, because if you do I get paid. So please, go buy some legel hemp cigars lol. So yes, that’s me telling you that I’m doing that.

However I do have another part to this other than just plugging a product. When I was out there I was at a cigar bar and we whipped these out and smoked, a few VIP people came in and we smoked with them. Cool thing about being hardcore with your life, you get to hang out with some of the most amazing people and what is even cooler is that I got to smoke these with these people and then go out and eat. CBD hemp cigars give you some HARDCORE munchies, holy cow! It’s like getting everything with the MJ except the super high.. however I actually felt like the really relaxed part of a high.

Getting High on CBD? NO, But Still GOOD!!

I was able to get back to work no another hour or so after. Usually when I smoke like I did I would have been on my ass for a long time, so these are perfect for me. Hoping Japan will one day allow such products in their country!

So get to it guys, make me some money and buy some of those cigars.. yes I’m an affiliate get over it 😛

-Elli Sanders