Aug 20

The Celebrity Zone 4

The Celebrity Zone 4 Red Head Fucking Dude Doggy StyleThe Celebrity Zone 4 Hentai Movie

This episode of The Celebrity Zone is called Dick at Night. The Celebrity Zone is similar to the Twilight Zone but with celebrities. This episode has a Chinese chick that looks like the Disney character Mulan. It also has a TV show mimicking Gilligan’s Island. You can choose option 1 to continue watching Fillgan’s Island – (Gilligan’s Island which the original Charlie does a video about), option 2 be bitched, or option 3 I dream of Jeanie. Option 1 has the red head chick from the TV show come out and suck his cock then let him have sex with her pussy then suck him some more. Option 2 shows the Bewitched chick come out of the TV and suck his cock and let him pound her pussy with his finger in her ass then her pussy in a different position then she sucks him until he cums. Option 3 has Jeanie come out and suck his cock then let him have sex with her pussy and he pulls out and juices. Then the wife gets a hold of the remote and a Hulk man comes out of the TV for her. This Celebrity Zone video has a good sexy idea similar to the idea in the 5th Celebrity Zone where you transport into pictures of sexy chicks who have sex… Which would you rather? A TV where the chick comes to you, or a sexy painting where you can enter and have sex? I would probably rather the painting ^_^

Elli Sanders

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