Oct 23

Steps on Removing Unworthiness Around Money

Focus on your dreams and the law of attraction will take care of itselfSteps on Removing Unworthiness Around Money — Focus on your dreams and the law of attraction will take care of itself!

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Learn to use the Law of Attraction Correctly…

What is money and why do you want it? What is it that you will do with money? Do you simply want to make it by in life? Do you want to buy a new car? Do you believe that by having more money you will be happier, secure, set, done?

The thing about money is that it truly is a magical piece of equipment that you can use, but most if not all the population (by percentage) has never really learned how to properly use or attract money in their life, and many people have been conditioned by society to believe secretly that money is evil and it’s more trouble to have it then not. So many people struggle, saying how they don’t want it, but again, they think about it constantly, do you do this? The way you think about money in those times of subconscious autopilot is how you ultimately live your life around money, and in many ways live your life.

Are you living by the seat of your pants, barely making payments, rent etc.? Well. That tells me a lot about your thinking and your possible up bringing about worthiness and deservingness in your life. I think I would be right to say that at some point in your life you’ve run into a person you possibly looked to for answers and they told you or they told someone else, or they reacted a certain way about money and since that point in your life you’ve subconscious took in a belief, that frankly was not yours and never has been.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you still have it right? Sure, we can say we are just a collection of beliefs and habits that others have offered us in a time of subconscious/unconscious vulnerability. But should you and I blame them for this? Should we blame our parents for not doing a ‘good’ job and teaching us the in’s and out’s of money? Where should we go looking for answers? Where should we go to point our finger to and blame for the lack and limitation we have in life surrounding money?

How do you feel about money? It’s important listen up!

You and I can only do one single thing that can do any good at this point when we feel this way towards money, and that’s go inward and examine the beliefs we have about money. Do we feel good when we get money? Do we feel bad when we give money away or pay bills? Do we stress when money is not in the bank when we need it the most? Do we struggle and believe that we need that better job or career to have a secure and lasting future in this world?

Well, this is prime real estate to be picking up and testing through out the day when thoughts of money come flooding into our minds. When you’re purchasing gas at the pump, when you are paying for your kids to go to soccer, when you pay that late charge, when you pay that overdraft fee. What is your belief at that current moment? Now why exactly do I keep beating this dead horse over and over bringing this conversation back to examination of your beliefs?

There are profound absolutes in your thinking about money, but the biggest most afflicted and dis-eased thinking about money occurs when there is stress behind it. This stress is what you MUST face one on one and stare in the eye. This is where the battle of money beliefs start, this, the battlefield of money begins with you accepting the way you feel, but not succumbing to these fears and disbelief’s. YES you very well may be getting kicked out of your house or your car repossessed. Your entire life may be being turned upside down because of the lack of money in your bank account.

Watch it, feel it, let it go, return to possibility!

But be that as it may and as hard as that turmoil can be, it’s a chance to see into your most hidden and frightful place in your mind. This place, is where the shadow lurks, the beliefs of unworthiness and hate for oneself (at times). But by bringing yourself back to a stable mind (as much as possible) and just letting the feelings of stress and lack and limitation pass you by is where your freedom is bought and you are returned to a state of possibility. The feelings of lack and limitation and unworthiness fade as you watch and feel from a non-reactive state. Feel them, let them go, see your future of positive fruit bearing activities and events.

Want more money by using the Law of Attraction?

So here’s a lesson for you, beyond the feel and let go method. You want money in your life? You want to attract bliss and happiness? Then journal. Journaling in law of attraction study is a method where you write down everything you want in life, many times in the reference of completed stages of your goals and dreams (you write as if you already have accomplished your desire outcome). But I’m going to take this a bit further then the regular method most people learn. I want you to write everything you would do if money was not a physical or mental limiting factor for 5 entire minutes without stopping!

Thing is, when you first do this, you’ll most likely will not be able to do it. You’ll write down things like, new car, new washing machine, go to school, pay off debt, go on a vacation. That’s a start, but those things, I only want you to write down at first to get in the mood to continue listing things you want in life. Think as big as you can, Richard Branson dream is to build a space station. In fact he is completing this as you read this now, and in fact he is creating the first subspace flight plan that will take you from London to Sidney Australia in just about 2-3 hours.

This is real! This is a mans dream, something he put down on paper over and over again and is now realizing his dream is coming true. What ever you believe is too big, doesn’t have to be impossible, big dreams have small goals that can be attainable and by pushing yourself to open up your mind to possibilities that you never thought were possible, you open up the way to goals that may have seem big before you started journaling and now they are seen in a different light, a light that brings about movement and activity that creates accomplishment.

It’s your right as a human being to have LOTS of money!

Because when it comes down to it, money is fun as hell to have, it makes life easier and it does great good in the hands of those who care about the world and the people in it. You’ll find the biggest giving hearts are those who have a lot of money. They already learned that life is not solely about the money, but it is important to have and it’s okay to have, but it’s not okay to worship, you can love money in a respectful way, but once you misuse it and see it as something that has to be taken or conquested on, you lost you’re way and need to reinforce your beliefs on the purpose of money, and all that purpose really is, is to bring humanity closer together.

Listen. Let me tell you something about money, and how myself and ALL my mentors feel about it. When you first start striving for money, it alludes you, it dips, ducks and dives out of the way of your grasp. As you begin to learn to let go and accept that there is more then enough for every single person in the world and that competition is not really competitive as it really is just a motivator to do better/strive for more and that lack and limitation is really just a mind set, you start to see and feel differently about money. To me, money is the same as going to a river and either bringing a spoon, a cup, a bucket, a barrel or a 5000 gallon water tanker with you, it’s really up to you what you bring, but no matter how much you take from the river, it keeps flowing. This is why I donate roughly 30%-50% of my income on any given month… because it doesn’t matter, it’s an illusion anyway and when you step away from the NEED of money, money comes to you, AS LONG as you have a plan that excites you and brings you into alignment of your truest self.

Execute a plan for excitement and happiness and watch your bank account grow!

If you don’t have a plan, chances are, you wont get the money. It’s similar to walking into a bank for a loan. 9 times out 10 if you don’t have some kind of plan to use the money, they won’t lend it to you, especially when it comes to business loans. Life and reality are the same way. Find something that makes your heart feel light, focus on it and the money will flow, but don’t expect it to flow from any certain area of life. As Tai Lopez says, “Don’t do what you love, do what you like”. This means, many times, the things we love to do, should be just that. Things we LOVE to do, and should not always have to have a monetary effect because of it. Let money come through your excitement and feelings of joy.

Learn to use the law of attraction correctly by watching your thoughts. You can also see reality and the law of attraction kind of like a dream. Let’s say you’re constantly being chased by a demon, this demon chases you every single night, over and over and over and never stops. But, the thing is, you decided to keep running from him, why? This is where you stop, turn around, look at him, then ask a simple question, “Why are you chasing me?”. You’re demon will tell you, “I have no idea this is your dream.”

In real life with money or anything else, you ask that demon (your resistance) why by listening to what it’s saying and feeling. You’ll find it’s most likely something entirely different then you thought, and that you no longer ever need to run from it again, and if that feeling of running or ‘worrying’ comes up again, just refocus and listen.

Elli Sanders




-Elli Sanders

“By the wind and the stars,
a life time lived — a blink of an eye.

Digging in osmosis,
weary from the journey,
you will find by looking back,
that a life fully lived had not a dime in mind,
but a destination that brought the smile of gold and sunshine

Through the darkest storm of an opposing frightful mind,
there was none.

Where there was thoughtfulness,
a shining fortune awaits,
with a touch of grace and strength.

Deep depths the soul must reach,
but only those with eyes to see will rise,
the standing disbelief of the mind,
to have, to hold and bend metal,
cherished truth be your honor.

Begin this walk,
feel the dream and awake,
there is more here then what was elate in fantasy,
it’s true to have with one wave of the hand,
the worth in you stands on giants,
and the stars seem so close now.

Can this be what was promised,
a true land of peaceful reflection?

Honed by the habits of beckoning teachers,
by the skies it stretches forever.

So the mind and it’s facades of disbelief,
soon to disappear in the light of emulations of desire,
to again scribe in the mind,
so write your truth in story.

Fulfilling and exhilarating,
a life worth living,
to watch in wonder,
as dreams really do come true.” – EMS

Dedicated and written for my favorite Chatango bud!