Oct 10

Update for Dqiucun Free Hentai Games Site

Hey there my mother fucking perverts!

Just a quick update, we’ve got some friends with old hentai sites who are merging with us, so if you came in from another place expecting something else… well that’s why you came here.

We’ll be branding ourselves a bit more over the coming next year, not sure if I care to add too much more to site honestly like I’ve said before it’s more so a hobby of mine, and yes, I do make a good amount of money from this site, but nothing that touches what else I’m doing.

I’m just a pervert like you that also happens to be a mentor… odd huh?

Anyway that’s what is up!

-Elli Sanders

Oct 15

Aim High, Time Flies – Live – Reach – Dream

Hentai Games and DubstepBack into the dubstep chill musiq! This is totally for chilling out and smoking, meditation or whatever. I really dig 11:30, something about it, just epic.

So a story, it’s been awhile, almost a month to the day. Wow, time flies. So I guess I’ll continue chatting about my stupidly successful self. Because not only will that help you, if you believe you can be successful as well, but it also helps me.

How? Well it’s all based around the social and private hypnosis of the world, we live in an area in our minds, and that area is defined by what psychologists call the map of the territory. The map of the territory is your beliefs and perception. It’s basically your very own matrix existence. Everyone lives as the center of their universe, and with that I truly mean it. Everyone conscious, dead, spirit or whatever, is the center of all creation, as nothing is here but the brain, consciousness. So what does this almighty consciousness do? Whatever it’s told. If you hang around losers, people that dick around all day, that are lazy and have no money, you soon, if not are already are going to be a loser.


A study was done on people’s 5 closest friends and how much their friends make. Every study seem to come back the same way. If you combine the income level of all 5 and divide it by 5 to get the average, you will see that your income comes out to the average of your 5 closest friends. Is this by accident? Is this a fluke?? No way. These people have a defined territory that keeps them in this level of income. So when I share with you my successes in life, I not only tell myself I’m worth it, I help you believe it too.

So don’t take these stories for granted, I can be an insanely sexy women, BUT… you have to realize that in the end, I’m a business woman first a foremost when it comes to my time. So you’re going to get little lessons to help you strive for something better.

Not too long ago, I was only making around $10,000 a day. Now that is unbelievable to most people, and I get that. But before that, I was only making $1,000 a day, and you know that’s about as much as many attorneys and doctors make. So it wasn’t that impressive, but to me, it was a mile-stone! But, even before that, I was making $100 a day in passive income, and before that my huge mile-stone was $33.50 a day!!

But my story begins a bit farther past that. To my very first dollars made in passive income. It was a clickbank product from Dr. Joe Vitale and I had created an e-mail list, and my first couple hundred people had signed up. I waited, and waited and waited and then all of a sudden! BAM! I had a commission check of $33.50! Before this point I was making extremely good money playing around with my private rave clubs I was putting on.

But this gave me hope that I could literally step away from work, and work.. would keep working for me. Just like this website. Although it’s completely a hobby for me, this site still pulls in between $200-$350 a month and we’re not even getting started. Now that’s not a big deal right? But considered it. Is this really not that big of a deal? I think you should revisit $200-$350 a month… EXTRA that you didn’t have to put much if any effort into getting after the first month or two of working.

Now I have my webmaster/SEO guy taking care of most of this for me, so I’m most likely in the hole still with this site because of what I pay him. But I’ve personally created sites like this before and you know what I maybe put 100 hours of work into one (creampiesbigdickshotchicks.com) and that damn thing started to pull in between $15-$18 a day pretty quickly.

You have to consider that this type of money for such a petty amount of work is INSANE. Think about it like this. Let say, after the 100th hour, I would suddenly get paid for my efforts. So that first day $15, that means all subsequent hours come out to be 15ยข an hour for all the work you did in the past, and lets say this amount never goes up or down again. So lets go out 100 days, which comes out to $1,500 in extra profit (3 months-ish). Now your hourly work you did goes up to $15 an hour worked. Now, lets put this out an entire 365 days.

Your income comes out to be $5475 in extra income for the year… Now, lets take this into mind, that in many cases is an extra 25% of income that most people work for in 3 months of work to receive. So with literally 12 days of work, or 2 weeks of a full time job with weekends off, you pulled in $54.75 an hour of those 100 hours.

How bout in 3 years…? $164.25/hr and $16,425 extra income. Almost every 3rd year, you are creating an entire extra yearly income. What the fuck right? This can and does go on and on, it’s called Evergreen. Now think, could you spare even if it was on weekends some time to learn and then adopt ways of creating petty income to fully subsidize your income in a year or two?

This is how the big guys on the web make so much damn money, sometimes it’s from HUGE amounts of commissions and sales of one product or one site, but in the end, I can tell you, it’s a handful of great websites that people love! (Just like you love Dqiucun.com – and share it!)

So the point comes to this now, when I first made my first commission online, it opened up a way and a new belief about my life that has gradually lead to me making nearly around $30,000/day constantly for most of the year. After everything, sure I’m not keeping $30,000 but I get to keep a huge part of it, I get to donate a huge part of it, and the more I tag on to this income the higher it gets. Give yourself little steps to the income you want, but first, YOU MUST know what you want. Not just an amount, although that’s good. But, what do you really want from life, many times yes, money can help you get it. But the money reacts to the design of how our minds work with the universe/matrix, we MUST have an emotional response that is strong and lasts for at least 10seconds or longer, and it needs to happen many times during the day when you think about what you want.

I had a dream of living in different parts of the world and my income grew simply from that one desire. It has nothing to do with the how or an opportunity. As all these ‘things’ and ‘hows’ came after I solidified the idea of living in Japan. The people I needed to know came into my life, I was drawn to the right organizations to speak with, and so on. So, be around people that uplift you, read positive material that reinforces the idea of you being able to have, be and do anything in life. Congratulate individuals on success and work to feel legitimately proud and happy for them.

As many religions say, be happy for your neighbors success, as it is yours, and be in understanding when your neighbor has loses, as those loses are yours…. Believe it or not, we are all interconnected with each other, this idea, is not just an idea from the past, it’s a scientifically proven base from Quantum Physics. So push for your dreams, reach and live, because time does fly and when it’s flying by do you want to be in the clouds? Or sitting in shit with people who drag you down? Trust me, there is more then enough room at the top, just not enough to sit down, but the view… it’s worth it!

-Elli Sanders

Aug 27

Nightcore Gaming Mix

Nightcore Raving Hentai MadnessNightcore Gaming Mix

Got a lot of good hits that I get my DJ slaves to round up at times, gets things kickin at times to play nightcore shit. If you don’t believe me, get a huge crowd on rave drugs and play this.. If they don’t start headbutting each other in the face and having sex in the corner soon after I’ll give you $50. Seriously, go ahead and try it. If you’re looking for some nasty, try clicking the link.

-Elli Sanders