Aug 15

Splatman and Throbin

Splatman and Throbin Threesome Double PenetrationSplatman and Throbin Hentai Movie

This video is based off Batman and Robin superhero characters. Charlie plays Splatgirl and was actually given an award for her role in this video in another one of her videos, the asscars. This video also has Christopher Walken as the bad guy. After Charlie as Splatgirl busts in to save Splatman and Throbin, there are three options. You can view all three options in whatever order as many times as you wish before continuing. The first Option 1 shows Splat girl sucking Throbin while rubbing Splatman then switching to sucking Splatman while rubbing Throbin. The first option 2 shows all three individually masturbating. The first option three is a double penetration threesome with Throbin on his back in Splatgirl’s vagina and Splatman from behind in her ass. The second option 1 shows Splatman using a toy on Splatgirl. The second option 2 shows Splatman using a double toy in Splatgirl’s ass and vagina. The second option three shows Splatman using a different device in her pussy with her on her side and her leg in the air. The third option one shows Charlie sucking one dud’s dick while rubbing the other two and putting them all to sleep. The third option two shows Charlie riding one dude while rubbing the other two and putting them all to sleep. The third option three shows double penetration and blowjob then all guys falling asleep. You can return to the intro or any of the main selection screens. Here is a link to another superhero hentai video….

Elli Sanders

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