Jul 15

Dirty Ernie Show 1

Dirty Ernie Show 1 Boob Squeeze Sexy Red HeadDirty Ernie Show 1 Hentai Video

This is an interactive adult sitcom cartoon where different choices determine different scenarios and endings. There are 8 episodes, check out the second episode when you are done watching the first. The first choice you make is whether the old man Ernie traveled the desert or the jungle in his youth. If you select that he has traveled the desert, he will fantasize about traveling in the pyramids with the sexy nurse and saves her by pulling her into his arms with her bare boobs in his face. If you select that he traveled the jungle, he will imagine seeing two native women pleasing the sexy red haired nurse then a gorilla comes in and Ernie punches it and gets to hold the sexy red haired chick and he also fondles her pussy. Then after stealing the camera and while looking into Nursie’s room, you can select the closet where she will simply find her underwear and put then om, or you can select under her pillow where she will find her pink vibrator and she will play with it in her pussy and suck on it, or you can select the top of the shelf but she will simply say that nothing is there. If you select pathetic next, Nursie will take Ernie to his bath. If you select ballsy the fat nurse will give him a colonoscopy then it will cut to his bath. It continues onto the next episode.

Elli Sanders

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