Jul 15


Cuthwald Perv Song What a Wonderful World cartoonCuthwald Hentai Video

Funny song and animation of song “What a Perv was Cuthwald” to the beat and music of “What a wonderful world” by George Douglas & George David Weiss. Lyrics:
He had such a small peen
Tiny nuts too
His libido was huge
But he just couldn’t screw
And I think to myself…
What a perv was Cuthwald

When he looked at the sky
The clouds looked like butts
He watched porn all day
And dreamed of hot sluts
And I think to myself…
What a perv was Cuthwald

The porn that he was into
Was kinky and obscene
Like peeing on girls’ faces
While dressed for Halloween

His best friend was his hand,
Hard at work on his junk
While he was really thinking:
“I’m boning a skunk!”

He preferred Furries yiffing
He watched them grow
Because he liked inflation
And was into macro
And I think to myself…
How fucked up was Cuthwald?
Yes, I think to myself…
That’s fucked up. Oh Cuthwalllllllld!

You perv……
If you thought this was interesting, check out this video of a bunny who doesn’t get laid.
Elli Sanders

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