Sep 03

Spider Slut

Spider Slut Leesbian Toy Play Adult Cartoon Superhero Video Spider Slut Hentai Movie

This Spider man mock adult cartoon video has businesswoman Charlie going to take pictures like Peter Parker. In this video, you can only select one option per viewing.

The first option 1 shows Charlie rip off her business attire and revealing her spider suit with a camel toe. You can then select one of two red head though bubbles. The top naked red head thought bubble woman will show charlie masturbating in her spider suit and playing with her boob.

The bottom thought bubble of the red head chick in doorway shows her girlfriend coming in similar to option 2.

Option 2 shows Charlie ripping off her business attire and revealing her spider suit then her red head girlfriend comes into the bathroom and she jumps on the ceiling. Then she puts her mask on and reveals herself to her girlfriend and plays with a dildo in her girlfriend’s pussy.

Option 3 shows her ripping her suit off and hanging on the ceiling as her boss pisses in the toilet. She almost gets caught because of a drop of sweat, but doesn’t.

Then the GOBLER AND NOB gay men and dildo have spider slut’s red head girlfriend.

The second option 1 shows dildo man charging Charlie and her jumping on the spinning dildo on his head and shoving it in her vagina making the dildo man dizzy.

Option 2 shows Charlie knocking the dildo off the dildo man’s head and playing with it herself.

Option 3 shows Charlie masturbating as the dildo man charges at her then her cumming out a spider web and trapping him.

Then the Gobler has Spider Slut’s girlfriend with her pants down and hanging on the letters at the top of a tall building. They get in fight and the Gobler throws butt bombs at Charlie and she flings web at him then her throws a rocket at her…

The final option 1 shows Charlie catching the rocket in her ass and shooting it back at him knocking him off his flying board which also comes back to hit him.

Option 2 shows Charlie catching the rocket in her ass and playing with it until the Gobler comes to take it from her and she flings web out of her snatch and webs the gobler and her boss in a web.

Option 3 shows Charlie shooting her web at the missile and redirecting it at her girlfriend. It lands in her vagina and Charlie goes and plays with it in her girlfriend’s vagina.

I like the ending ^_^ the famous upside down kiss of spiderman is turned into hanging upside down lesbian cunnilingus. I wish it had a better shot of it though ^_^ For more (Anchor Text) visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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