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This game starts out with a sad black haired schoolgirl with cat ears laying on her bed on her side with her school uniform on. There is a random outfit button in the lower left hand corner that will select a random selection of her panties, hair, and clothes. Otherwise in the top left hand corner, you can change her hair color and style and her panties and her outfit. You can also give her an eye-patch or change her glasses and change her cat ears to bunny ears or no ears. There are five different tops and skirts that you can mix and match, but the random selection will always pair the same shirt with the matching skirt. Then there is also set of buttons in the top right hand corner. The first button on the left brings a darker skinned dude with a boner in and her panties slide down so he can enter her pussy which makes her more sad. The play button will show him slowly humping her pussy. If you press the pause button, he will finish one last hum then get back to his resting place. The fast forward button will show faster humps. For more High Quality Hentai Games visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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