Being a Mentor Means Exploring New Realms of Thinking

Change your Funny Bone and Break Through CeilingsHow Can Comedy Hide Negative Self-Talk & How to Change It to Benefit You!

-Elli Sanders
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I’ve been asked to mentor several different people in my business niche (which is Ecommerce/Dropshipping), and I’ve done it so many times before, but now since I’ve reached over $50,000 a day, I’m truly pocketing one million dollars a month (after all the shenanigans), and for some reason I’ve finally rationalized some really irrational ideas I had about being a mentor, and when I say that, I truly mean a mentor who can raise someone out of the dirt (if they so allow) and have them on the path to victory, not only in a monetary way, but a spiritual and physical way. I can and have done this in a smaller way with some individuals in my recent past. 2 months in, I had them making over $20,000 a month and their quality of life sky rocketed, they ended up with very positive relationships romantically and in the spiritual realm, they went back to believing that there is something more so then just ‘us’ and we don’t have to do all this alone (life)!

The thing I kept reminding myself is that mentors have flaws and I felt that I had more then my fair share still, even being the super awesome Elli Sanders as I see myself as 99% of the time and what other people see in me. Myself talk is absolutely impeccable and because of that people believe in me (think I’m the bee’s knee’s) soon or if not before they formally meet me (in other words it oozes from me!). But it’s amazing what that 1% of doubt and negative self talk can do to one’s dreams and goals, and how that can affect others who follow said mentor. So around 2-3 months ago, I really finally hit something, it was a big something, disguised as a small something, and it was ‘you can’t’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t have anything true to give the world’, ‘things are hard’. Now when I found these they were covered up by light negative self-talk. Meaning it was more so a joke I’d say about myself in other words to other people.

A few things about this that’s truly important to note.

1. TALKING ABOUT IT! Although I was not saying these exact words I was still in the energy of these words. Which is why it took me so long to see/hear the truth of the words. When you say something, you might as well be making a pact with the Devil. ‘What You Say, Is What You Get’, this is a book, but the title says it all! When I finally took a magnifying glass to this self talk I found it was a program I actually learned from someone in my life early on. They were at the time very financially well off (still are), but he was in construction, and many of the clients were basically poor minded, and to gain rapport with them he would make side jokes that were poor minded, he would also straight up say how bad it is. Now, the thing about this was he would end up attracting ‘bad times’ in his business at times. Funny thing I noticed was when he attracted wealthy investors and partners, his wealth would increase as they would not self talk like this. Which is a good point about a good mentor!

So I discovered a fine film of this still left in some of myself talk to myself and to others. If you were to ask anyone I was talking with, they would no doubt say that I was very positive and uplifting to speak with. But I noticed the dimming of the light. When I first noticed this, I wanted to call off all my mentee’s until I broke through all this. Funny how sometimes when you find a negative habit that masks your light, it comes out harder and more potent then ever while removing it. I felt I wasn’t good enough to mentor anyone, as I could be in a way ‘cursing’ or teaching bad habits.

So I quickly saw this and quickly used many clearing methods, some NLP swish pattern reprogramming and soon within a weeks time, I built a habit of seeing this old habit try to emerge, and from that I was able to switch my old habit to a positive life building voice for myself and everyone around me. Soon after I broke through a ceiling in my business and now it’s continuing to build higher and higher, with more and more ease.

2. Seeing/hear/noticing these negative self talk habits can be tough, as comedy is such a wonderful thing, and in all comedy for the most part has a dark humor aspect about it that truly unites us as a human family and our mortality and the stupid things we do. I believe humor is a huge aspect of life no matter what, no matter where you’re going, trying to accomplish or overcome. It belongs to the human race and it’s power is vast! But there are types of comedy that should be avoided and that is self-talk about not being good enough. Failure is one thing that can be laughed at, but creating a pattern around it and blending both the feeling of failure and laughter can sneak in as something unwanted after awhile of pushing that habit button.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s much better to feel better about something negative then literally brew, but it is a silent cancer that can grow if it doesn’t get found and transformed into something better. Using comedy to lighting things up = EPIC MAGIC, so I’m not telling you to not do this, just note it when you do it and try to find better ways to make the laughing matter something that can still be funny, but increases your belief.

Weird how things work right? So if you’re stuck in anyway, be you’re a mentor or someone starting their journey, look in the little places of humor that could be holding you back, and change it to fit your needs of growth! Laugh, laugh, laugh… as it’s some of the most healing emotional states one can be in, just note to be sure to laugh about how damn awesome you are and make sure it builds you up instead of tearing you down.

-Elli Sanders


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