Mar 12

Dress My Babe 5

Dress my babe 5 gothic chick in sexy dressDress My Babe 5 Dress Up Hentai Games

This game has some unique options for hairstyles that include masks. There is the scream mask, Jason mask, an alien helmet, and other unique selections such as Santa Clause hat, maid headdress, Egyptian headdress, and more as well as some pretty nice basic hairstyles as well as some crazy hairstyles. You have six hair color options: brown, green, blue, red, yellow, and black. There is also options for gas masks and Gothic makeup and scars and glasses as well. There are swimsuit options as well as outfit options including maid outfit, school uniform, and sexy clothing. You have six different color options for the clothing selections and eight different options for the swimsuit selections including sliver and rainbow, otherwise you can select green, blue, white, red, yellow, or black. There are also sets you can choose from including tomb raider, Christmas, dead or alive, resident evil, F.A.K.K.2, XENA, Drakan, Quake 3 Arena, bloode rayne, and three different Gothic styles. You can also change the background to simple colors or a few fading options as well as four different picture backgrounds. You can also add a lens flare option or snow falling. At the home screen there is an option for extras which are a puzzle which will unlock extras (however I solved one puzzle and returned to the game and noticed no affect) and a short silly alien clip. There is a Dress My Babe 6 which is similar but totally different, way more stuff.

Elli Sanders

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