Jan 19

Fuck Star Mission

meet and fuck star mission hentai flash gameFuck Star Mission Meet and Fuck

This game has an interesting plot with the male population dramatically reduced because of intergalactic wars. Men are kept in capsules and used solely for reproductive purposes and the children are shipped to new planets. During the voyage to Venus, one guy’s capsule breaks open and he is allowed to roam free on the star ship. He plans to free all of the men, but as he goes to different areas of the ship, he receives different items and is asked to get certain items. At the dinning room, you can have the cook girl make you a sandwich, then if you ask her if there is anything you can do to help her she will tell you that she can use a blender if you find one. You cannot do anything in the engine room or turret or state rooms yet. In sick bay, the doctor gives you migraine pills and is willing to drink with you as long as you provide the alcohol. At the cargo bay, you are asked to get a video game for the guard. After visiting the captain’s bridge and almost getting the captain to fuck you, you can then go to the engine room. There you can give the chick your sandwich then you can help her fix what she is working on. The first two parts were easy, but the second two I could not figure out for a while, then I realized that you need to put the metal piece about halfway down the glass tube (I kept on trying to put it near the top or the bottom) then the metal rod sticks into the metal piece. Then she will give the guy a blowjob then let him fuck her and cum inside her. Back at the captain’s bridge, the assistant will show you to your room then take you to hers where she will instantly be naked sitting up on her bed. You are to touch her body and warm her up then she will let him have sex with her in her pussy then her ass. He pulls out of her and cums all over her body. From this, you receive a vibrator. Now in the turret, you can talk to the chick there. Then you will play a shoot and click game where you are to shoot incoming asteroids which I did pretty poorly at the first time, and better the second but I still failed, and in all the haste, I closed out of the window (^_^) Try this game afterwards it’s pretty good it’s a fuck town game!

Elli Sanders

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