Sep 03

KYGO – ID + More

Kygo ID Hentai“Kygo – ID”

Here’s a pretty awesome jam by an artist name Kygo. Today I’m going to go over my who my first real mentor beside the general people in my life when I was young as well as some of the organizations and additional mentor based and knowledge I’ve collected over the year.

First and foremost my first mentor was Napoleon Hill, he was the guy who wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich” and “16 Laws of Success” (that you may have heard of), I actually have an unadulterated version of ’16 Laws’ from 1925. After this period people that were consider big wigs, like Ford and Firestone and many other bastards watered down his books. Just because you may have read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ or ’16 Laws’ doesn’t mean you got the full version of it.

Sad, but that’s how these mofo’s controlled the flow of sacred knowledge that Napoleon agreed to put together after many years of following around Andrew Carnegie. In fact here below I’ll add Napoleon Hills 16 Laws of Success video so you can witness the epicness. GIN the advertising message in the beginning is the ‘Global Information Network‘ and it was put together by Kevin Trudeau and supposedly a handful of some global royalty and global industry men and women. If that was true or not, I was apart of GIN for a good 4 years before it broke into several different factions. I became a level 5 GIN member but only as Anonymous. In fact, I’ll go ahead and load up the audio book that started GIN called ‘Your Wish is Your Command’ at the bottom of the actual Kygo – ID song.

I’ve gone through Neo-Tech and their books, I’ve been apart of ‘secret’ and ‘public’ masterminds and I continue to bring about allegiances of people some people ranging close to the billion dollar marker. Now just because money is a huge thing, doesn’t mean that my whole quest is simply cash, in fact it’s kind of like what Tai Lopez says about it, it’s simply a reminder, a reminder of where I came from and the knowledge and the good I’ve been able to do because of my quest for something better in life.

So perhaps I may just be some rich bitch to most people on the internet, I’ve been through mental and physical testing for over the last 15 years to get where I am now. I’ve been apart of some really wild initiations from well known secret societies. Some starting with rose, 😉 but I’m not giving you anymore of a hint. I’ve been apart of a really well know group called the Joy of Satan along when my SEO/friend was a Reverend of their organization, before he and some friends blew open their NSS / Nazi agendas which you can see here (more towards the bottom of the page). He and hes friend owned a couple websites, and also just to let you know this was a ‘traditional’ Satanic organization who mostly believed in ancient alien theory and was all about meditation and building oneself up to defend against psychic attacks. The Satanic Bible talks a good talk about removing psychic vampires from ones life, thus why am ruthless when it comes to them, be in person or online.

But I was also apart and still am a card carrying member of the Church of Satan and have been able to meet with some really great people there, in fact met up with band called the Electric Hellfire Club while I was there a couple times. I’ve read the complete works of Anton LaVey even if his wife’s ‘The Satanic Witch’ and have found them to be most crucial when I first got into NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming (originally learn from Anthony Robbins/Tony Robbins/Anthony Mahavorick) / Hypnosis if you will). For an interesting little tid, the Eagles song ‘Hotel California’ is ALL about the Church of Satan with little dabs of Aleister Crowley mixed in.

Hey don’t judge, Benjamin Franklin was a well known Satanism who was apart of the Hellfire Club in Europe. He also had buried skeletons under his house, so… Maybe you should watch your step huh? 😛

Although I was introduced to the band Samael a few times thanks to my connections. I really dig their stuff as well… I’ll add some of their stuff in this post because I can’t help it, it’s the most uplifting goth/dark/metal music I’ve heard to date. Vorph is my homie, he’s the lead singer rhythm guitarist.

So that’s pretty much it, here below is the actual song of the day, below that I will post my favorite Samael song and below that I will post the first part of ‘Your Wish is Your Command’ by Kevin Trudeau, you can follow that if you are interested in creating a life worth living… that is if you want that.

Samael – On Earth … but remember ‘Answers are in the Questions

‘Your Wish is Your Command Part 1’