Dec 11

Movement and Law of Attraction – Money Style

Morning GloryFinding that Breath of Life
and Firing it up

by: Elli Sanders

Many of you may or may not know but I am a very successful entrepreneur. I own my own private labelled products which are sold all over the world, mostly through E-commerce sites like Amazon, ShareaSale, and many many… MANY other locations all over the net. This year I’m topping off at around $40,000 per DAY here in December of 2015. Now sure, perhaps I’m bragging, but I don’t tell you this to make you feel like crap or look at me as some kind of money grubbing psycho, there is a story behind this, just stick with me.

I’m making this money from the work I’ve done. But when I say ‘the work I’ve done’, I’m not totally 100% talking about the actual physical work I’ve put into my businesses. Because honestly that is just one part of the ‘work’ I do. But what I’m pointing out here is not so much about ‘HOW’ I earned my money, but more so about the dreams I have in my life that have drove me to do what I do.

You see, there are methods of creating that cash flow into your life through ‘how to’s’ BUT, these methods will always leave you wanting more money, more opportunity. You’ll basically feel left out, like life is moving forward and you are not, all the while just making enough to make it by every month. Now here it is my friend and this is how this works, the amount of money you are currently pulling in is in direct proportion to your dreams and goals and how good you feel about them when you think about them and plan them out. Dream building is not something you should take lightly, as it’s your whole world. The things you think in your mind are seen the same in your mind as if you are really there doing what you love, what you’ve dreamed of doing.

Law of Attraction Dreams Goals Reality Planning and Money

Now you can simply take the physical limit of life and simply believe everything based off of sight and touch. But it might serve you well to know that these senses you have with your human form have a purpose of communicating with fractal dimensions that are always passing through and by us. Asking one thing, “Would you like to come this way?”. By the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pictures you allow yourself to consume you will merge into different life tunnels which represent many different possibilities for your life. Now, listen. The reason I’m point this out is, that dreams are your future, your goals will carve out a life of fulfillment for you.

Here I am in Kumamoto, Japan with my bestest buddy Leti, and we’ve decided to take our schooling to Hakata in Fukuoka, Japan. My dream many years ago now was to simply come to Japan to live for a year or two. Now that time has past, and I’m still here, excited to see what else happens in my life, constantly pushing outward, planning, learning as much as I can about Fukuoka, what’s in Fukuoka and where Leti and I will be going to school at. It’s the process of the dream building that makes me feel the best, it puts me in a state of awe and anticipation. That the event that I wish to physically experience is already taking place in my mind as I imagine myself being and living in Fukuoka. Going to school in Fukuoka, meeting new people, new teachers and experiencing new areas of life that I’ll get to experience for a couple years to come.

You see, there is really only a limited time here on Earth, and it’s true, if you want to bring yourself to realize it or not, death is the seeker of all our souls, not in fear, but in remembrance that if we waste time on idle passing’s of life that we could very well find ourselves missing out on the great wonders of what life has to bring us. Why waste your time constantly on Facebook talking to people, when you could be in person with people? We are social creatures and because of that we should fulfill our biological and psychological conditioning’s that make us feel the best as humans and the thing is, no matter where you are in the world, be it Colorado USA or Fukuoka in Japan, people want to connect.

Feel your dreams as reality and attract the life you wantConnection brings about all facets of life for us as human beings, love, happiness, business and belonging to something more then just ourselves. A dream and feeling brought me to Japan several years ago, but I was living in Japan on a part-time basis 10 some years ago before that in my mind. Even though I’ve traveled the world putting on weekend rave events, actually moving to a new location half way around the world was big for me, so I not only conditioned my mind by living their in my mind, but I help push my goals farther towards being able to have the mental facilities to handle such a move and enjoy it. I had all the money I ever needed to get here, but I understand for many such a dream would feel more like you need cold hard cash to attempt your dreams and goals, and that may be true, but take this away from this story:

‘You may think it’s just the money, but many times it’s more so the mind set that needs to be in order and in alignment before your dreams and goals come about. So yes, you’ll need the money, but once you find that mindset, that breath of life, you can then expect that the money will be there for you to now take that idea into the physical realm of existence and blast it away with cold hard cash!’

Dream a dream,
Feel the feelings,
Emotions come and go,
Idle movements slumber,
Quickening of ones death.

Dream a dream,
Feel the feelings,
Emotions can be changed,
to match ones goals and dreams.

Between the choices of two,
Find ones mind,
living for tomorrow, today.

Emotions are the glue,
Goals are the key,
Dreams are the reality.

Hold on tight to ones goals,
and through 10 dark years,
you’ll have that mastery.

You’re torch will light the world,
as your pilot soul ignites passions you’ve held deep inside.

So ponder those feelings,
expand them,
live them,
then become them.

You’re choice to have something more,
is a decision away,
so be strong,
so be courageous,
the mighty stand not with muscle,
or physical might,
but a resolution as bright as the sun.

Watch, await, and you will see.
There is much more to this life,
then what was elate in fantasy.

-Elli Sanders

Nov 12

Traveling, Creation, Manifestation, Love and more

Discover how to use the Law of AttractionHow Emotion Creates Your Reality

by: Nathan Scheer


Today is a day I take pride in, I woke up, I confronted the world, I did my work as solid as I could without falter. I was honorable, I did the things that I put off, waiting… waiting for something. What? Who knows what it could have been, perhaps the subconscious fear of a past mistake, of a future hidden horror hiding in the closet, a black suit at the door?

Does it matter after it’s done? Will it cause me to detour in my mind so I do not come back to this same place? How am I suppose to make sure that I always act from integrity and honor? Besides having an SEO business in Denver called HonorableSEO, how else can I keep myself from falling back into old ways of white lies and procrastination? Yes… yes HonorableSEO is a DBA name I take not just in business, but I take it into my personal life, and although these white lies and these procrastination’s are small, how long can I do what I perceive to be harmless before it’s quite fatal? Why bother, so many people live on white lies in business, so why shouldn’t I, has it really hurt my business any? Well, I believe I know the real answer to this, and how this type of thinking in life and in business ultimately always leads to some sort of failure to meet ones goals.

Luckily I’ve found that by being one with the name of HonorableSEO I’ve always come back to realize being in business for myself, by myself gives me great freedom to be myself, but in that, the person who I can be at times can also cause me to drift down beggars lane because I felt that I was not good enough to continue, I didn’t know enough, so I would allow this confidence and and worthiness effect my manifestation, my creativity. But I’ve also noticed, I’m in it to win, so being that I can still allow these certain feelings and ways of being to cause me to act a certain way, I seem to always come back to a strong headed and worthy individual in business.

With that said, I’m just like you, I have doubts, I have concerns of lack and limitation, I have concerns of the future being bright and worth being apart of. So, now what?

Law of Attraction Help PDFManifestation, creation, worthiness, love, self love. All these things can be utilized for the better and to cause turmoil. The amazing thing about the choices you have is, that you can learn to start acting and behaving in certain ways when challenges show up in your life, you can immediately act the same way you’ve always acted, or you can slowly change the habit of becoming the same person over and over. You and I are acting out of addiction, addiction is our personality, it’s physical, mental, spiritual addiction. But the fun part about having free will ultimately is that you can physically, mentally, spiritually pick yourself up and move your attractions in another direction.

But in the end, emotion must be applied to this effort of movement. As you may know, you can constantly be that person that stops their actions before they take control of them, and this is a great start to removing those pathways in the brain, but strong emotion of gratitude, appreciation, love, respect, worthiness, excitement, anticipation and stubbornness of ones goal in life is how you ultimately forever change a nueropathway forever!

Every huge attraction I’ve had in my life has come from these types of feelings, coupled with music and meditation. When I was with my first girlfriend, I was in a group that taught meditation at an advanced level, but didn’t teach me how to control my feelings, it was easy to meditate, but it was not easy for me to direct my strong emotional connection with source and because of that I attracted a situation where I ended up in a car wreck to get my then ex-girlfriend back.

Not to go into great detail, but I had done a meditation in fear, lack and limitation and slight feelings of excitement of the future to be back with my ex-girlfriend. Long story short, I requested to be back with her and have enough money to live with her. I got exactly that, I moved the sun and stars to make that faithful day happen, I got T-boned going across a street, I awoke to find the first person I saw was her. I ended up living on the settlement money and I had her back for a good solid 3 years. But since this attraction took place in fear, it never lasted.

Skip forward, I had gone through some additional training with GIN (Global Information Network LVL 5), and I was taught on how to properly use my emotions to set the stage of attraction. So this time, I went on a cruise with GIN, attraction a weekend girlfriend, came back home, literally transformed my bedroom, starting listing to huge amounts of positive music, and inside this bubble of excitement, enjoyment for the now and love. I used these emotional cues to tell the universe I was ready for something better. Long story short, I attracted my best-friend and my wife who I absolutely love and adore and continue to grow with.

Law of Attraction to Change EmotionsEmotions are what connect us to source, pictures without any emotions behind them are simply just pictures, but being you can not, not feel something about a certain thought, it’s important to constantly be coming back to center and coming from love and appreciation of the moment. The more you can feel these emotions the more we’ll attract our goals, our lifestyle wishes and our financial needs.

And… sometimes it feels like nothing is moving, thing is, everything is always moving, it is your mind which sees the world as staying put, until the worlds so far ahead of our mental psychosis that you suddenly receive a huge jolt and much unwanted change floods into your life. But if you come from love, appreciate for the moment, these moments of change will be more noticeable, even if so slightly. For another story based on feeling and attraction, my wife and I meditated and thought about how wonderful it would be to live in Evergreen, Colorado for around 2 years. But once we started going to Evergreen more often and feeling the feelings of being in Evergreen, it was only a matter of time before I attracted creating a very sizable income through bitcoin, which allowed us to now live in Evergreen for almost 2 years now.

Since then the new goal has been to move to Japan, this has been a goal for me for almost 10 years now, a co-op goal with my wife for around 3 and because of the excitement I feel about Japan, the goals and the mission I’ve now been able to attract TONS of opportunities to create that money and stability to be able to move to Japan for as long as I wish. So if you have a wish for more money, it’s not the money you want, it’s the ability to be able to move freely about life and buy and do what you wish. It’s never about the money, so when you come into attraction wanting money, you are effectively wanting nothing, because money in itself means nothing. What you want are experiences, freedom, peace and the ability to share with others.

So as long as you have your goal and your emotions are in the right place, you should have no problem attracting HUGE obstacles to get you out of the way you currently live your life, when these challenges happen (and they will if you properly utilize your emotions), pop the champagne because something amazing is taking place to get you, where you want to go and as long as you feel excited and a sense of anticipation when these events take place you’ll avoid getting trapped in negative emotions. Although don’t dismiss these emotions as bad or evil, you can use anger instead of depression to move yourself to act, when otherwise you would not have.


  • “I’m so angry I dont have X”
  • “Focus intensely on X, and begin to feel good about X”
  • “Create a blueprint to get X”

This happens all day long with millions of people, getting to the end of their rope and then finally having that breakthrough, that they WANT X so bad that they are willing now to break through any barrier that they need to, to get it!

Lots of Tips using Law of Attraction ManifestationSo use emotions wisely, you’ll get exactly what you want, but you can decide on what degree of emotional satisfaction that it comes to you in your manifestations in life.

Keep your emotions in mind, use negative emotions to propel you to better feeling emotions and always have a goal in mind that you can think of to bring you back to center and make you feel excited about life!

These things I’ve found help me the most in my life and in my business life.

-Nathan J Scheer