Jan 10

Forced Sexual Assault

forced sexual assult hentai flash gameForced Sexual Assault Meet & Fuck

Redhead girl with green eyes and dark haired man begin by exposing her breasts and giving her nipples a suck. The goal is to get the heart meter up by clicking the progressive button. Which leads to them french kissing, then switches between him squeezing her boobs and two pink objects intertwining over a black background (which I think is suppose to represent their tongues). Song playing is alright, and you hear her moans and other noises such as breathing and kissing as well as the music and have the option to hear only one or the other or both at the same time.

Then comes some mouse jiggling rubbing her pussy with her panties still on. Then you remove her panties and lick her pussy. Then you have three options of what to say: “Relax. Mine’s the best in the world” , “You want to have anal?” , or “You wanna stop me now?”. If you ask her if she wants to have anal, she will say no and you will be brought back to answer the question again. If you ask her if she wants to stop you she again will say that she is not ready for sex and you will be brought back to answer the question again. If you tell her to relax, she will say that she will try and you will then have sex. For more hentai sex flash games check the home page!! – Elli Sanders

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