Andrea’s True Story

My True Gang Bang Sex Story FuckAndrea’s True Story

Mike my boyfriend took me to Cyprus with him on a working holiday. We stayed in a small apartment block which had lovely enclosed gardens and swimming pool. After a nice hot day on the beach I went back to the apartment, Mike was on the patio with Phil, Robert and Mark finishing some business deal off, they at some stage had been in the pool because they all had their trunks on, I went through the French doors into the bedroom to shower and cool off.

After my shower I laid on the bed without anything on, I don’t know what it is about the heat, but it sure does get me horny. I ran my left hand over my right nipple, it almost immediately became erect, I was twisting the end of my nipple between my forefinger and my thumb, I slid my right hand down my body towards my ever ready pussy. Running my fingers over my clit, it was quite moist already by this time, as whenever my nipples are being played with the juices from my cunt run quite freely. I then slid three of my fingers inside. It was hot and wet in there, I didn’t want to take then out. So I wriggled them about, and I could feel and hear all the juices around my fingers.

I then very slowly started to pull my fingers out until only the tips were still in my hole, I then pushed them back in again, and slowly rotated my wrist. I could hear the slurping noises of my juices as my fingers were being pushed back in. I started to twist my nipples a little bit harder, not so hard that it hurt, but just hard enough to get me to a quicker orgasm. My right hand was busy working on my really wet cunt, I was doing it much quicker now, bucking my body like a woman possessed, moaning and groaning the whole time that I had been masturbating myself. With my right hand still frigging my cunt. I rolled on to my side and with my left hand I started playing with my arse. I slid the tip of my index finger into the hole which was wet from the juices of my sopping wet cunt, which had trickled down a little earlier. I then pushed my finger further into my hole, then I pushed another finger in I let out a loud groan as both of my fingers went inside my arse.

I then started to finger my arse in time with me fingering my cunt. It was then I realised that I had an audience, as Mike said “so that’s what you get up to, when my back is turned”. “Is this a private party or can anyone join in”. I laughed, looked round and saw that the other guys where standing with him at the entrance to the French doors. “The more the merrier”, I said.

I then removed my fingers from my arse and the fingers from my cunt. Rolled on to my other side and watched the men remove their trunks. They were all standing to attention and ready for some action, I couldn’t wait to feel a good stiff cock inside me, as I was well ready for it. Robert was the first to make a move. He laid on the bed beside me and told me to get on top of him. I didn’t need telling twice, my sopping wet pussy was just itching to get a cock inside of it. I straddled him, using my hand to guide the head of his cock between the bald lips of my cunt, his cock slid inside me, I slowly sat myself down on him, until I had the whole of his cock inside me.

I rode up and down on his cock for a good while, then got off of him and laid back down across the bed, so that I could have some more fun with someone else. Mark then came onto the bed knelt down in front of me and put his thick hard cock into my mouth, my head bobbed backwards and forwards, each time he was about to coming I’d hold my head still and he gently fuck my face till he calmed down again. God I love the taste of cock, then Phil moved onto the bed, I opened my legs and he slid his cock inside me. Robert came on the bed the other side of me, grabbed my hand and put it on to his cock. I started wanking him, after a few minutes of sucking Mark’s cock I took his cock out of my mouth and turned my head to face Robert’s cock he then slid it into my mouth. Mike was standing at the side of me wanking himself above my head watching me suck and fucking the others. Phil was busy thrusting himself into my cunt which was driving me mad. I took Mark’s cock out of my mouth and said “who fancies a sandwich, then”. Phil withdrew his cock, Robert then laid down I straddled him and put the tip of his cock into my cunt, then lowered myself down onto him. Mark then came up behind me and nudged the opening of my arse hole with his cock, he slowly pushed the head of his cock inside my arse, he then pushed the rest of his cock deep inside my arse. He didn’t lean on me instead he was nearly upright whilst he was fucking me. Which was good for me as I could support myself with my arms on the bed and have a bit more fun as well.

Phil and Mike came either side of me and I sucked on their cocks, starting with Phil’s as her still had some of my juices on his cock as well as his pre-cum. Robert started to suck and chew on one of my nipples as well as fucking me. So there I was being fucked up my arse by Mark, Robert was fucking my cunt and sucking my nipple and I was sucking Phil and Mike’s cocks. This carried on for sometime, when Mike said “time for a spunk cocktail!” Mark then withdrew his cock from my arse, and got of the bed, I removed Robert’s cock from my cunt, laid back down again so I was in the middle of the bed with Robert and mark on one side and Mike and Phil on the other side of me. Whilst they where wanking themselves, I started to play with myself again, fucking my fanny and arse with my fingers to give them something to look at. Mark move above my head I opened my mouth for him to feed his cock into, I started to suck and wank him at the same time, soon he lets out a loud moan his hot cum exploded against the back of my throat. Then one by one the rest of them spunked into my open mouth and over my face and body.

The next day Mike had to go to Greece for three days to finish off his business, I was going to use this time to have some fun and top up my tan. As I was the only person in the apartment block I went out into the gardens and strip off, I laid out on the sun lounger to soak up the suns rays, I love sun bathing nude, I hate having horrible white bits where your swim suit or bikini has been.

With a couple of glasses of wine and the hot sun on my naked body I began to feel horny, I open my legs, dipping my fingers into my wine and started to play with my fanny massaging my clit and tweaking my nipples. I slipped a finger into my sticky hole pushing it in and out, and then putting a second finger inside me. I began to plunge my fingers in and out of my juicy hole frigging myself off like crazy, I then got up off the lounger and squatted over the wine bottle and lowered myself down onto it, squirming up and down on the chilled bottle for a good couple of minutes making it all slimy, I licked my juices off the neck of the bottle. The flavour of my come really gets me going, I then slowly pushed the wine bottle up my arse pumping it in and out, stretching my arse wide open. I then got my vibrator out of my bag and slipped it into my pussy. As my cunt lips were slowly pushed aside, I thrusted the rest of the vibrators length deep into me. I then slipped another vibrator up my arse and turned on the power causing my cunt juice to pour from my pussy just like I was having a piss, I was so wet this meant I could replace the vibrator in my fanny with a monster dildo I have. Man, I was so dammed wet, I laid out with my legs hiked up and I start pushing the giant shaft slowly in, its one of the biggest things I’ve ever had in me. I stretched right out, and I could feel my lips gripping those little bumps on the dildo surface. I gradually forcing it deeper and deeper until it stretched my fanny lips so it slid easily along its length and I was able to take the monster all most to the hilt, as I turn up the power, my body shook in total ecstasy as the orgasm ripped through me, I thrusted both my toys deep into my sex holes I was getting well into my wanking session, when I suddenly had a feeling that I was being watched, I opened my eyes to see two guys and a woman standing next to me looking down at my naked body, with my legs up in the air a large dildo deep in my fanny and a vibrator buried in my arse, they paid particular attention to my orifices that where filled to the hilt with vibrating latex and plastic. I asked them was there a problem and they said “no”, and they commented on my body and the woman said “it looks like you are having fun,” they went to there apartment, and I carried on with my wanking session.

Five minutes later, one of the guys leaned over the balcony and asked me “if I would like a drink with them”, I said “yes,” I put my robe on and went up to there apartment.

I apologised to them, I told them I thought that I was the only person in the block as I had not seen any one else. The woman’s name was Lisa, and the two guys where Carl and Tony, they said that they started work very early in the morning and finished very late in the day. Lisa told me that they made hard-core porn videos. Carl and Tony directs the films, Lisa said “I use to star in porn films, but I very really now” she said that she had invested her money wisely and now she owns her own film company. The reason that they where back early was the girl they where to use in the video had been take ill and couldn’t do any filming for a few days, and they only had a couple of days left to finish making the video. I told them that I could help them out, I have been in quite a lot of privately made porno videos as Mike loves to watch me getting fucked, he likes takes photos and video me being fucked by large groups of men, the bigger the group the better, I do special strip O grams for football and rugby teams and the armed forces basically I am guaranteed a good shagging after. He says that I have the biggest lust for cock that he has ever known in a woman and a ferocious appetite for sex.

Lisa said that I certainly have the looks and the body for it, but it would not be a five minute fuck in front of a camera that it will be an all day job, and Carl said that it would not be one guy shafting me but fourteen, I told him that groups are my speciality and you will not be disappointed by my performance as you have already seen me in action shagging myself silly with my vibrators, and I can start tomorrow.

Lisa asked me if I would like to audition right now, Lisa asked if it was OK for Carl and Tony to join in with her, I said “yes”. Lisa slowly steps out of her clothes, she is naked apart from a pair of hold up stockings on her long shapely legs and her high heels, she has an all over tan and a beautiful slim figure, her tits were a lot larger than mine with really huge nipples that where very erect and her fanny hair was neatly trimmed into a tiny vee and you could see her fanny lips hanging down.

We kissed, our tongues exploring each others mouths and throats we frenched for a few seconds, I started to suck her large nipples while she rubbed her hand between my legs. I was still very wet from my earlier wank, as her fingers played with my clit. Lisa went down on me and started to breath along my fanny, teasing me with the heat from her breath. Then she pressed her mouth over my mound and sucked my fanny lips into her mouth and at the same time she flicking my swollen clit inside her mouth with her tongue, and sucked on it very hard. Carl and Tony had stripped off I saw them out of the corner of my eye, they where naked, both holding their hard pricks, the thought of having both of their cocks as well as Lisa made my pussy ache even more. Lisa then pushed her fingers into my pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into my arse. Tony offered me his cock, I sucked his cock deep down my throat, Carl was wanting his cock suck as well so I took it in turns sucking them both off. While Lisa continued pound away at my pussy and arse with her fingers and licking my stiff clitty with her tongue.

Then we change places I pushed Lisa’s knees up to her chest she pulled her cunt lips wide apart so I could stick my tongue up her hole as far as I could manage. I then push two fingers in her cunt, Lisa began groping at her firm tits twisting her nipples really hard. I poked my tongue into her arse hole and played with her fat bud of a clit, I then pushed three fingers into her cunt and shagged her with them, slowly working my hand up her to give her fanny a good fisting, pumping away she took my hand right up to my wrist, Lisa came so hard, that her cunt juice gushed from her pussy and coated my still pumping fist! her fanny was soaking, she then stood up and I drank her cumm as it was running down the inside of her thighs. Carl had layed down on his back, I straddled him holding his knob firmly by the base I lowered myself onto him till my tanned cheeks where touching his ball, I then pushing down really hard for full penetration. Tony got behind me and eased his cock up my arse. They alternated in fucking at first, Carl keeping still while Tony pounded my arse with his rock-hard cock, then Tony holding firm in me while Carl hammered at me from underneath. Then they both fucked me as hard as they could. My body felt great . My tits were bouncing about it made me so horny I kept comming. I slowly began to feel the tell tail signs of no return as Tony quicken his strokes, I felt Tony’s cock throb as he unloaded loads of come up my arse. Then Carl filled my fanny with spunk as well.

I then stood up Lisa then licks the spunk that is seeping out of both my holes. Lisa then produced a selection of sex toys and objects and asked me to fuck her sex holes with them, I started to rub a vibrator along the length of her swollen cunt lips a few times before stuffing about six inches of it inside her hot hairless pussy. I then slowly worked another vibrator into her juicy fanny so she had two vibrators in her fanny then I lick deep inside Lisa’s arse to get it wet enough for a huge dildo, I pushed the dildo deep into her arse, I then used a large double ended dildo in her arse and pussy at the same time, and she was using a vibrator on herself as well, she then told me to push a deodorant can up her pussy, and a large dildo up her arse at the same time telling me to ram it hard and fast up her. She was in ecstasy as a orgasm exploded through her body. After a while she asks me to fuck her with a huge strap-on dildo, she gets on her hands and knees pushes her arse up in the air, she is ramming her fingers into her dripping fanny, her fanny lips are swollen they hang down like she has a set of bollocks. I then position myself between her legs and slide the huge strap-on dildo into her soaking fanny and fucked her in away that I would have enjoyed myself and all the time she was telling me to fuck her arse with different objects as well. While I was shafting Lisa with the strap-on Tony and Carl were both fucking her mouth, eventually they pumped her open mouth full of spunk which then seeps out between her open lips, as she tried to swallow the hot sticky liquid as best as she could. I then stuck my tongue into her mouth licking some of the spunk out.

We then change places Lisa ties me face down to the bed, she fucks my arse and pussy with anything in sight, then she pushes a string of five balls inside my arse then she pushes the biggest dildo you have ever seen deep into my pussy, every thrust of the dildo sent shudders through my cunt. Then as I started coming I began to buck wildly, faster and faster Lisa pushes the dildo up me until I collapsed in an orgasmic heap. After I had cumm Lisa slowly pulls the balls out one by one opening my arsehole as wide as possible for Tony and Carl to shoot there spunk over. Then Lisa and I use a double ended dildo together first in our hot wet fannies then in our arses ending in both of us having a wet noisy orgasm.

Finally I take a can of cola shake it up well, then I laid on my back putting my feet behind my head bring my knees up to my chest, stretching my fanny lips wide open I ask Lisa to push the can of cola up my fanny, I then ask her to released the ring pull and a fountain of cola shoots out of my fanny like I was having a piss.

Carl, Tony and Lisa picked me up early in the morning and we drove not far to a large villa on a hill side which had really large gardens and swimming pool. There were several people setting up lights, reflectors and cameras as we pulled into the drive.

Lisa introduced me to the guys I would be working with. They where all good looking guys Lisa asked them to drop their pants and show me there cocks, you can see why they are being used I reckon that not one of them was smaller than 8 inches when slack, she asked me did I still want to carry on after seeing the size of them, I said “you bet”.

Next Carl took me inside the villa, to where Louise was to do my make up, she handed me a pair of white high heels and gold lycra metallic swim suit if you could call it that, I stripped off and put it on, it had a really high legline a lattice back and cut so narrow that it barely contained my tits and the bulge of my fanny at all, it was really sexy, and so skimpy. When Louise had finished making me up I looked in the mirror, I looked fucking horny in the skimpy swim suit with the six inch heels and lot of bright red lipstick and nail polish. The excitement of what was going to happen, had made my bald fanny lips swell and part around the swim suit crotch making the material disappear up my gash to expose the glistening pink flesh of my fanny and my juices had started to run down the insides of my legs as my pussy tingled with anticipation. I then walked out into the garden, Lisa commented on how I looked, and ask me if I was ready for a good shagging. Tony said to me as from now everything is going to be filmed.

I had to walk down to the pool area where some of the guys are naked in the pool and the rest are naked sunning themselves on lounge’s, around the outside of the pool. I walked over to a large sun lounger and laid down, I had to asking one of the guys to come over and rub some oil onto my body, he came over and took off the swim suit, then he slowly pours some oil over my tits and down to my pussy, then he massages my tits playing a lot of attention to my nipples then he slowly works his way down my body till he is at my fanny, I spread my legs as far apart as is humanly possible and lifting one leg over the top to expose my shaven fanny to him, using both hands I parted my pouting pussy lips for him. My gaping pink gash was so soaking wet it glistened, he then slid his tongue into my oozing pussy and started to lick me out, after a while this triggered a orgasm I came in his mouth, squirting my juices over his face as I came, he then swallowed more of my juice as it squirted out of me.

Then I turned over, he slowly pours more oil over my shoulders right down to my arse, he then gentle rubs it into my shoulders and slowly works his way down my body till he gets to cheeks of my arse. I spread my legs wide apart and raise my backside in the air then he slips a couple of fingers into my soaking fanny then after a while three, then four, my fanny was so wet by this time and the oil from his fingers, he was able then to slide his hand up me, he poked my arse hole with his gnarled middle finger rubbing a mixture of oil and my fanny juice around my hole then he licks deep inside my arse to get it wet enough for his fingers. He then slides a couple of fingers into my arse, I then get up on all fours and push back onto his hand and fingers, then he starts fist fucking me, I could feel my second orgasm rise, he pumped away until he was nearly up to his elbow, I started to come, as he was raping my arse with his fingers.

Then one by one the others came over to the lounger I look up and all I could see was cocks the size of cucumbers all pointing at me, I took hold of one, open my mouth and he feeds it in till his balls are nearly touching my chin, I start sucking it, as he is fucking my mouth his helmet makes my cheeks bulge out. Then I turned over onto my back and start to wank and suck and lick at the cocks that are in front of me, several guys are trying to push their cocks into my open mouth, two guys hold open my fanny lips wide while another guy pushes a enormous dildo into my cunt and turns on the power and starts fucking me with it, he gets hard and fast with it. I was in ecstasy I started coming like never before. Then he slowly starts pumping up the dildo, stretching my fanny really wide to accommodate the black guys monster of a cock who is stand their waiting wanking his throbbing cock getting it hard to fuck me, two others start sucking my nipples and mauling at my tits and body I was in heaven, they left the dildo still buzzing away inside me. With both hands I take hold of the black guys cock he must be at least fourteen inches long and as thick as my arm, I start to suck and wank him off, he then lays down on his back with his thick black cock standing upright like a flag pole asking me to come and ride it, it was so big I thought it would split me in two, they let the air out of the dildo so I can take the plastic monster out of me, I then stood astride his hips and I stretch open my fanny lips with my finger tips, and squatted down, my pussy juice poured out of me all over his helmet, I slowly lower myself down, inching my way down on to the full length of his cock till my cunt lips touched his black balls and his helmet had reached the end of my sex tube, I stopped to savour the hugeness inside me god it felt good to have my fanny stretched to its limit, it was like I had lowering myself on to a fence post. Taking control I began to ride his throbbing monster, I then take hold of a cock in each hand and started to wank them off, I lean forward so this guy could slide his cock in my mouth. I then felt the bulbous head of a cock nudging at my arsehole, he slowly works his cock up me, I let out a gasp of pleasure, as his prick slides deep into my arse. They began a sort of rhythm, with one cock plunging into my arse and then when it withdrew the other cock shafting my fanny, they were fucking me as hard as they could, this went on for ages being double fucked I love the feeling of a cock in my fanny and a cock in my arse at the same time. I’ve never felt so full before!

The guys change positions loads of times until ever one had sampled all my orifices with their rampant cocks. With that we stopped for break, I asked Carl how was I doing, he said “every thing looked great”, we had to do no retakes he said “you are naturally suited for this type of work” and he asked me if I would like to do other films that he has lined up, “tell me at the end of the day when you have done the come shots” he said.

After the break we had to do the come shots, in porno movies the directors want the viewers to see the spunk fly, not shot into the mouth or pussy where it cannot be seen, Carl said he had planed 51 in all.

I’m an the lounger one guy pours some oil between my tits sliding his large cock between them for a tit fuck, I encase his cock with my tits and licking and sucking his helmet as he thrusts his cock between my tits, he ends up giving me a pearl necklace. Then they fuck me, first was three guys fucking me all at the same time, every hole was filled with a cock, I love being double penetrated, they finished by two spraying there coming over my face and tits and the third one, I held my fanny lips wide open and he shoots his spunk into my gaping fanny. Then I get on all fours and take another cock in my mouth and one in my fanny, they finished by one coming over my arse and back and the other I wank off inches from my face he sprays me with jet after jet of thick white spunk over my face and in my open mouth.

Then I hang my head over the end of the lounger while two guys fuck my mouth, then they wank off into my open mouth, filling my mouth to the brim with there spunk the camera was zooming in to get a good shot of my spunk filled mouth. They cumm so much I had a job to swallow it all.

With my back to the black guy I squat over his cock lowering myself down unit his whole length disappears up my arse, then I ride him pull my fanny lips wide open for the camera, then several guys who are wanking off shoot there jets of spunk over me.

I then wanked off two guys into a wine glass, then one of them pours the contents of the glass into my open mouth. I took big gulps, it ran down my chin on to my erect tits, again I was on all fours and the guys where taken it in turns fucking me from behind first in my fanny then in my arse and all the time there was someone shafting my mouth as if it was another cunt. Then I laid on my back putting my feet behind my head pulling my cheeks of my arse wide apart so they could unload load after load of spunk into my gaping arse hole.

I then lay on the lounger on my back open my mouth and holding open my cunt lips for them, “oh yes I hiss” “wank your cocks, come on wank them on me, cum over me” as all fourteen of them squatted over me and wanked off, I was playing with myself as they covering me from head to toe in spunk I had it in my ears up my nose all over my eyes oozing from ever hole of my body I looked like a mobile sperm bank when they had finished with me, I then rubbed the spunk into my tits and pussy and the rest of my body licking it off my fingers. The ending scene is me laying on my back on the lounger all my holes gaping and cum dripping of my body, I felt well and truly shagged and beautifully abused. I love having sex with loads of guys, it gives me the best orgasms ever and a great satisfied feeling of being shagged bandy afterwards.

Lisa, Carl and Tony have invited me back to make another couple of videos for them, one an all girl one, and another gang bang one with a larger group of guys this time it going to 35, I can’t wait. When Mike came back I told him about the film he can’t wait for Lisa to send us a copy of the video.

We are hoping to get a few more breaks this year, Mike is going to take time of work when I do the other video’s for Lisa so he can be there and watch me perform.

On the flight home we got very friendly with a coloured guy called Jim. The first class compartment was only about quarter full so I thought we could have some fun. I told Jim that I was not wearing any knickers or bra he was getting excited, I could see a large bulge appearing in his trousers and I mean a large bulge he said his cock was twelve inches long and would I like to see it. Mike told him to put his hand up my skirt to find out if I was telling the truth about my underwear. I parted my legs for him as his hand travelled up my thigh and he pushed his thumb right into my dripping pussy. As his fingertips found my stiff and aching clit I moaned softly. I told Jim that I wanted to feel his cock between my pussy lips soon! I stood up and led Jim to the toilet. I pulled him in and pushed him onto the closed lid of the toilet.

I stood in front of him pulled up my skirt so he could lick my swollen bud, causing my pussy juice to gush from my cunt. I shuddered as I came, Jim’s tongue action slowed and I knew that it would not be long before I had his cock inside me. He stood up and we shuffled round, so that I was sitting on the lid. Jim’s cock was now totally hard and it stood out in front of him like a black baseball bat, I took hold of his large cock and licked along its length I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth I sucked on it as furiously as I could.

He told me that he wanted to fuck me, we shuffled round, so that I was bending over the toilet, with my hands on the wall. Jim raised my short skirt and entered me from behind. At last I could feel his monster cock inside me and I came all over it, squeezing my cunt tight around its length, I wanted to feel every inch of his huge black cock deep inside my body as he shove it in.

A few more vigorous thrusts and Jim unloaded his hot spunk into my cunt. Jim rearranged his clothes opened the door and left for the passenger area. I locked the door behind him and settled on the close lid. With legs splayed and my heels dug into the door in front of me I frigged my clit for all it was worth. After another orgasm, I wiped my soaking pussy, checked my make up and hair, then returned to my seat. Jim said “if I liked black cock that much we should arrange for a little party” we exchanged phone numbers.


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