Dec 30

Planting Seeds of Desire

Fukuoka and the oceanSo, here I am in Fukuoka, Japan with Leti. We just moved and everything is set and stationary for yet another great year here in Japan. I can hardly sometimes believe the pace at which law of attraction can pull you to your goals. It all comes down to how good you feel, how much anticipation you have and how you continue to grow your dreams every single day. Here in Fukuoka things are much quicker then Kumamoto, but it’s not overly active either, there is still a lot of peace in the area here. Between the beach and the Fukuoka Tower there is A LOT of things you can do here, but I love the ancient traditions that Fukuoka has kept in place here in the city.

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We are actually inside the Hakata Ward of Fukuoka, Japan. Our school is here in the area, if anyone is here in the area let us know, looking to meet some additional awesome people. But to carry on, the way we got here was pretty amazing and really quick. For over 2 years now since I’ve been in Japan and my girlfriend Leti has been in the States (USA) in Evergreen, Colorado. Doing her own stuff pretty much. We were both super sad when I left for Japan, she didn’t understand my reasoning’s really well other then my traveling rave side show I put on every other week (now every month while I’m in school) she didn’t want me to go and she was a bit scared of leaving the place she grew up in, with the language she grew up with. This is the very same thing I had to push through as well before I got here. But she came out a couple months ago for Momijigari, which is basically to watch the leafs turn red and fall. But she came out in November and this time it was for good!

It took us both under a month to find a school, get it paid for, get our visas renewed (unheard of time!), get a home that matched our criteria PERFECTLY and had it furnished. In fact we are almost an entire month early and ahead of time moving out here to the Hakata ward here in Fukuoka, Japan. Now, how the hell did we pull this off? Well besides all the other things I’ve been talking about here on the site, we did something else along with all these law of attraction techniques. We did them, together. Thusly creating a mastermind, we both saw it so clearly, we’re excited and had anticipation for the completed task to come about. But it didn’t stop there, we saw our goals of having the perfect school to go to, the perfect house, the perfect area, and amazing EGG tourist things to do and opportunities to meet new people and friends.

Great new friends

Right now we’ve already attracted a younger gal that’s also very stable financially that’s teaching us how to use social media to increase purchases through our E-commerce stores online. Why did we attract her already? Because we expected it, we knew that she was here. Now did we know exactly who? No, that’s almost absurd (!almost! in general day to day life). It’s fun to enter a new place and stand there in the midst of it all, and without saying a word the Universe sends you people to increase those overall feelings of joy and wonder by placing you with others. It really comes down to human connection and many times your goals and dreams will have some aspect of needing other people. In fact any sane life time goal will ALWAYS have other people in mind, it’s the way we are programmed.

We are tribal people, we care and want to be cared for. It’s what makes us human. So when you are reaching out for your dreams, make sure it involves others or helping others and you will find an never ending enduring positive outlook on life that will bleed into every area of your life. Feel your desires, find others who want to experience these feelings too and get them on board inside your mastermind, reach together, look after each other, and through your desires, seeds will be planet and the law of attraction will literally turn the world upside down, inside out and explode into a million trillion fragments, only to put it back together in your image so as to continue giving you that feeling you’re feeling right now about your goals and dreams.

So continue to feel your dreams, and push them higher. For it is the only thing you need to truly need to have an amazing time here on Earth. Be sure to bring your friends and family with you! Things are getting more and more amazing everyday, can you feel it, do you believe it?

Things are only what they are because you believe them to be what they are.

Expand your mind to other possibilities, that is the exact reason I believe I’m here in Japan right now. It’s too easy to be a slave of your mind, your family, your friends and the society you believe you are apart of. Things can change, things will change, it really depends on the story you tell yourself about the changes you believe are needed in your life to fully feel what life is all about. Why only live 50 miles from where you were born? Why live in the same continent your whole life, why only stay in what feels comfortable?

Comfortable is pleasant at times, but your rate of growth and possibilities will diminish if you don’t at least experience new realities, new cultures. There is only a set amount of time here on Earth, make it worth it! You don’t need to allow the fictional weight of the world pull you down. You can start saving, start learning new things, you can move, you can change jobs, you can go to a different school, it’s all comes down to your desires, plant them with your feelings.

-Elli Sanders

Dec 16

Powerful Feelings Bringing About Chance and Change

Discover how to grow your dreams with magnetic attractionExploring the Concept of Emotional Magnetic Force and the Law of Attraction

by: Elli Sanders

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Can you think of a time in your life where you felt absolutely amazing? Totally engulfed by pure awesomeness? A time where if anything were to happen you would be able to tackle the challenge without a second thought? The emotional energy you put forth during this time was absolutely pure and raw feeling. Right? Can you remember how you were breathing, how you were holding yourself, how you spoke in this moment of that energetic tsunami?

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself, right now, sitting up in your chair, breathing a little bit more fully and talking to yourself in your mind a little bit different then you were before you started reading this page. Now, as you read this, you’re going to find that these emotions are flooding back into your mind, surging outwardly into your body, electrifying your pulse and breathing. You remember this time well, what was it for initially?

A love?

A business?

A certain day?

A friend?

Were you day dreaming? Building you’re life in your head?

No matter what this feeling is for that you are feeling right now, it doesn’t matter, you are now in state for attraction. Your excitement that you feel is the key to building a future that inspires creativity, drive and purpose. This feeling you feel right now is getting stronger because that goal you have or had is still alive and well inside your cell memory. This feeling is reaching out into the ether, slowly changing the world you see, in all manners. From the consistency of the air you are breathing to the people of this world you’ve never met, nor will ever meet. But their involvement in this attraction for your dream(s) is spreading, spilling over the edge and allowing you to become more focused, and centered in your desires.

Until, you are so consistent in your feelings about your goals, dreams, love, business, life that you subconsciously allow amazing things to take place. This is the law of attraction, but you will find that the feelings of this dream you have are just that… feelings, and with these feelings you’ll realize right now, you don’t NEED to have anything happen in your life other then what you are feeling right now.

Law of Attraction Dreams, Goals and Mangetic ForceSo take a deep breath, and discover that this feeling is bringing you ever closer to your accomplished dream. But you’ll now notice that this dream is being fulfilled in you right now, as your feelings and emotions grow stronger and stronger as you see yourself being given the opportunity to experience your dreams. Nothing in this life is as real you think it is.

Yes, there is science that has a concrete definition of reality, but this definition is ever changing. Yes, there is religion that tells us that we are something more then these bodies. So when it comes down to it, the dreams that you have that make you feel wonderful, are what this life is all about, you can live so many possibilities without having to ever actually physically live them. Giving you the best possible attractions that fit your beliefs, your life and the direction you want your life to go.

So stand tall, breath deep, imagine that goal fulfilled and you moving about that realm of possibility and know full well, this emotional surge of feeling is you activating the law of attraction. The law of attraction is immediate, as we can live anything at any moment in our minds. But, we are giving the option to let it come slowly, as it’s truly the journey that builds us as people and we are creatures that enjoy a good chase.

Perhaps we are not as different then the cheetah chasing the gazelle. The cat playing with the mouse. The man chasing the woman, the woman being chased. If we don’t continue to push this emotional field, the magnetic force of attraction dies down with it, and with that, we lose our momentum in magnetic attraction. So you may feel wonderful right now with this dream or goal. But as with anything, you must continue to push this dream forward and as you do that, you will manifest the first parts of your attraction.

Meditation, music, yoga and dream building can help you continue to build upon this great feeling you have when you imagine your dreams. But your dreams must always be growing outwardly, expanding, evolving into something more, and that, in a nut shell is the reason your creativity to achieve that resolution you have in your mind ends up happening. Your mind will continue to work on this dream to make it become a reality, even if you realize it or not. Use all these secrets to your advantage, grow your dreams bigger every day, live inside them as if it was this physical world, add new people, places and things inside it and you’ll find your attraction power will dramatically increase to the point where you will begin to live that dream.

You are worthy of your magnetic dreams with the law of attraction

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself for the next 45 days. Build your dream, and grow it bigger, and bigger every day. Think about it as much as possible and you’ll soon discover that you’ve just joined the Elli Sander’s magnetic attraction club, and you’ll end up sharing this with your friends and family. I got where I am because I was trained in the art of thought and mind from many different ‘secret’ societies and personal mentor coaches. This is the way things are, you don’t need to over think this. Just feel great again, by repeating the way you hold yourself while you breath deep and live inside your dreams.

You have the paintbrush and you have all the colors and easel you’ll ever need to create a fantastic life that is truly worthy of recognition. You deserve it, you are worth it, change the story you tell yourself why you can’t have these dreams and goals, by continuing to revisit this world and growing upon it everything single day.

You got this,

-Elli Sanders

Dec 11

Movement and Law of Attraction – Money Style

Morning GloryFinding that Breath of Life
and Firing it up

by: Elli Sanders

Many of you may or may not know but I am a very successful entrepreneur. I own my own private labelled products which are sold all over the world, mostly through E-commerce sites like Amazon, ShareaSale, and many many… MANY other locations all over the net. This year I’m topping off at around $40,000 per DAY here in December of 2015. Now sure, perhaps I’m bragging, but I don’t tell you this to make you feel like crap or look at me as some kind of money grubbing psycho, there is a story behind this, just stick with me.

I’m making this money from the work I’ve done. But when I say ‘the work I’ve done’, I’m not totally 100% talking about the actual physical work I’ve put into my businesses. Because honestly that is just one part of the ‘work’ I do. But what I’m pointing out here is not so much about ‘HOW’ I earned my money, but more so about the dreams I have in my life that have drove me to do what I do.

You see, there are methods of creating that cash flow into your life through ‘how to’s’ BUT, these methods will always leave you wanting more money, more opportunity. You’ll basically feel left out, like life is moving forward and you are not, all the while just making enough to make it by every month. Now here it is my friend and this is how this works, the amount of money you are currently pulling in is in direct proportion to your dreams and goals and how good you feel about them when you think about them and plan them out. Dream building is not something you should take lightly, as it’s your whole world. The things you think in your mind are seen the same in your mind as if you are really there doing what you love, what you’ve dreamed of doing.

Law of Attraction Dreams Goals Reality Planning and Money

Now you can simply take the physical limit of life and simply believe everything based off of sight and touch. But it might serve you well to know that these senses you have with your human form have a purpose of communicating with fractal dimensions that are always passing through and by us. Asking one thing, “Would you like to come this way?”. By the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pictures you allow yourself to consume you will merge into different life tunnels which represent many different possibilities for your life. Now, listen. The reason I’m point this out is, that dreams are your future, your goals will carve out a life of fulfillment for you.

Here I am in Kumamoto, Japan with my bestest buddy Leti, and we’ve decided to take our schooling to Hakata in Fukuoka, Japan. My dream many years ago now was to simply come to Japan to live for a year or two. Now that time has past, and I’m still here, excited to see what else happens in my life, constantly pushing outward, planning, learning as much as I can about Fukuoka, what’s in Fukuoka and where Leti and I will be going to school at. It’s the process of the dream building that makes me feel the best, it puts me in a state of awe and anticipation. That the event that I wish to physically experience is already taking place in my mind as I imagine myself being and living in Fukuoka. Going to school in Fukuoka, meeting new people, new teachers and experiencing new areas of life that I’ll get to experience for a couple years to come.

You see, there is really only a limited time here on Earth, and it’s true, if you want to bring yourself to realize it or not, death is the seeker of all our souls, not in fear, but in remembrance that if we waste time on idle passing’s of life that we could very well find ourselves missing out on the great wonders of what life has to bring us. Why waste your time constantly on Facebook talking to people, when you could be in person with people? We are social creatures and because of that we should fulfill our biological and psychological conditioning’s that make us feel the best as humans and the thing is, no matter where you are in the world, be it Colorado USA or Fukuoka in Japan, people want to connect.

Feel your dreams as reality and attract the life you wantConnection brings about all facets of life for us as human beings, love, happiness, business and belonging to something more then just ourselves. A dream and feeling brought me to Japan several years ago, but I was living in Japan on a part-time basis 10 some years ago before that in my mind. Even though I’ve traveled the world putting on weekend rave events, actually moving to a new location half way around the world was big for me, so I not only conditioned my mind by living their in my mind, but I help push my goals farther towards being able to have the mental facilities to handle such a move and enjoy it. I had all the money I ever needed to get here, but I understand for many such a dream would feel more like you need cold hard cash to attempt your dreams and goals, and that may be true, but take this away from this story:

‘You may think it’s just the money, but many times it’s more so the mind set that needs to be in order and in alignment before your dreams and goals come about. So yes, you’ll need the money, but once you find that mindset, that breath of life, you can then expect that the money will be there for you to now take that idea into the physical realm of existence and blast it away with cold hard cash!’

Dream a dream,
Feel the feelings,
Emotions come and go,
Idle movements slumber,
Quickening of ones death.

Dream a dream,
Feel the feelings,
Emotions can be changed,
to match ones goals and dreams.

Between the choices of two,
Find ones mind,
living for tomorrow, today.

Emotions are the glue,
Goals are the key,
Dreams are the reality.

Hold on tight to ones goals,
and through 10 dark years,
you’ll have that mastery.

You’re torch will light the world,
as your pilot soul ignites passions you’ve held deep inside.

So ponder those feelings,
expand them,
live them,
then become them.

You’re choice to have something more,
is a decision away,
so be strong,
so be courageous,
the mighty stand not with muscle,
or physical might,
but a resolution as bright as the sun.

Watch, await, and you will see.
There is much more to this life,
then what was elate in fantasy.

-Elli Sanders