Oct 28

What Do I Believe? Can You Handle It?

What do I believe?

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I believe that we live amongst life and god so closely that the stars that have been said to be trillions of miles away are in comparison so close that they could brush your cheeks at night.

I believe the world we live on is a fantastic living entity that truly lives and breathes as it’s own soul, and with that the Earth is flat, spacious and never ending. There is no edge, there is no limitation. The Universe extends from your feet.

what I believe picture
I believe we are not just floating amongst an empty space. The heavens were made second to Earth, the heavens circle us to tell you the truth, so as to tell us in every twinkle of a star that we are important to something, to somebody. We are not just here by chance.

I believe that the mountains were once giant silicone trees, so big that it revels over every single Red Wood tree in existence, combined.

I believe that the world that we create before our eyes is a combination of past genetic vibrational frequency from our genealogy, our mothers emotional energies while pregnant with us and the beliefs of those around us the most.

I believe no matter what came before or is happening in ones life, that anyone in any case within reason, which surely extends farther then what we would ever consider reasonable, can have be or do anything they wish.

I believe that one can heal themselves, others, their communities and the world by a single held thought followed by appropriate action.

I believe all this and continue to do so, because I asked to be given this information when I was young enough to ask for it in innocence but old enough to forget and let go.

I believe that alchemy (life) is a rite of passage of becoming some purer then one once was. So as to Separate to Recombine… Solve et Coagula. The most important thing to any Alchemy is fire and time, given the right conditions you can dissolve the past while encapsulating the now in the purest of gold.

So be it the reason, I believe in what I do, to continually remind me that something more is happening then just a random occurrence of sentience and that it’s so much more fun to continue to follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole (fire), while carving out old beliefs to dawn something more appropriate for my (time) now.


-Elli Sanders