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Manifesting Desire Through Scale-Ability and Focus

How to Dream Build Lesson 2The Law of Attraction and Instant Creation through Focus

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It’s been a couple months now since I really took some time to write a post on here. The time has come and here I am once again. I’ve been in Japan studying at a new school with a girlfriend of mine and we are kicking butt! Well, shes kicking my butt by keeping me on track, but it’s very much fun and very challenging work to learn Japanese and live in Japan as a foreigner. I’ve been here for almost going on 4 years now and I’ve learn so much about myself and this wonderful country and I’ve managed to be a beacon for others to follow in my foot steps, which is very exciting. My co-author on this blog Nathan Scheer has started an All Things Japan website at and he’s been working really hard as well at keeping the vibrational ease and excitement of coming to Fukuoka, Japan with his wife next year and going through 2 years of courses where I am currently taking class. I’ll actually be in school with him for 1 year before I’m done, but with that said, I want to take your attention to what he is doing to create a platform of desire that scaleable through his focus with the laws of attraction. Because be it you’re interested in Japan or not, this story and observation is key to helping you in your own life as well with your own dreams and goals.

Nathan has been using his website as a journal of such, he’s researching anything and everything about Japan (find out what I needed to do to get to Japan) that he can get his hands on, in fact he’s learning some things about Japan I was unaware of, but he’s doing that because it excites him to know anything everything he can about Japan. Now, in law of attraction 101 class, you’ll be taught how to use extreme focus and excitement to attract everything you’ve ever wanted in life. Lets say you want a certain car? Well you can ask for a car and the universe can deliver it to you, but perhaps you just don’t care what kind, well, the universe will give you a car, but it might show up as a beat-up, run down and overall heap of a car. Now lets use some precision with what you want, what if you wanted a 1996 Dodge Viper, all black, manual with bucket seats, non skid tires and a removal hard top? Well the chances are as long as you can continue to feel good about this car the higher the chances are you will stumble across a feeling you can hold on to that will pull this car to you quicker if not immediately in some manner. Nathan is doing the same thing here by learning everything he can about Japan.

As he continues to learn more and more about Japan while feeling great, the more chances he will have to stumble upon even more exciting news or feelings about Japan as he jots it down on his website. Along with everything else I teach in this website this is another method of feeling good and you can continue to scale this up until you hit the stars, or better yet they find you. Feeling good is the #1 thing you need to do now, so find those things that put you as close as possible to what you want. But here’s a secret to all ‘dream building’. If it EVER becomes a chore for you to do, don’t do it. Only do this if it feels right and makes you excited, if things change down the road and this method no longer gets you in touch with feeling great, find other means to attain the feeling of feeling great. There is a lot of ease that can take place in your attraction, this is not work, this is all play and learning, the more you can surrender to life and just feel good, the quicker you’ll find the things you’ve always wanted will be at your doorstep.

You’ve already asked for what you wanted, you continue to do that no matter what, so there is no reason to keep asking, unless it makes you happy. What I’ve found though is that what ever gets me closest to my dreams make me happy, even if I don’t automatically attain those desires, I know they are coming and they will happen at the very best time. But I don’t use this to be lazy, I’m a go getter, and just because a relaxed approach to life is a firm way to get what you want, you may find that it’s exhilarating to chase your goals and dreams down with ETAs and numerical goals, that is, as long as you can feel good about it!

So if you need to create a blog about your desires, do so, write in it anytime you feel good (or sometimes write in it to feel good). Do any kind of creative outlet to help you. I at times use painting to get across a feeling I want to implant further into my being, that way I can physically see my desire and look at it every single day, it helps drive me to my desires (and yours if you choose to do so) and as time moves along and you get better at using this method, magical things will start to happen constantly, every single day, as at this time you will be in between the real world and the vibrational matrix and from there you can truly experience life for what it really is, a huge collective waking dream that can be focused into whatever you desire!

There is more then enough for everyone, everyone’s success is your success and the world over is actually rooting for you to win, I know that because I feel it in the winds of change and the background vibrational frequency of this reality. You’re here because you want more in life, you’re here to find that secret, and this ‘secret’ has been in front of you the entire time. It’s been inside your imagination and your emotions. Unlock it, it’s time to fly.

-Elli Sanders

Emotions are the glue to the universe, use them with a dab of paint as your imagination and the stars in the sky will find you!

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