Aug 31

The Dilders

The Dilders Nerdy Boy Fucking Dream Angel Chick Pleasure Bar Adult Cartoon VideoThe Dilders Meet and Fuck

This video is about a cute buff nerd boy who got made fun of in college for fucking his pillow because of a super hot sexy dream which we get to see. After enjoying each part, you then have to select the play button on the pleasure bar to go to the next level. He is also making an invention to turn cartoons to real life people. There is a slightly difficult arcade task to click the mouse precisely when the arrow is in the green section in order to repair his invention. Then after repairing it, you can select either cat woman or raven to bring to life. You can unlock spider woman on their website if you are interested ^_^

Then you can do a boob job the same way you fucked the angel in his dream. Then a blowjob and cum in her mouth and watch it come out her nose. Then you can go back and select the other chick without even having to replay the video! Here you pet her clit then finger her vagina, then fuck her and pull out to cum on her tits. Then you can select a chick again to lick her ass then fuck her ass. Then you find out that his sister was fucking with him and had some friends allow him to fuck them in costumes. For more awesome PORN GAMES cartoon meet and fuck hardcore game play Tales of Steam….

Elli Sanders

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Jul 22

Stood Up

I Got Nasty in a Gang Bang Fucking Anal Cum Creampie Sick Nasty Naughty Fucking HardcoreStood Up

This is one of my fantasies. It is based partly on a real event but mostly it’s just fun.

If you paste this into a word processor and replace John (in Word “Find all word Forms”) with your name it makes this much more personal. You could also change Paul and Bill to friends you might want to share me with.

Stood Up

This was suppose to be the big night. I had dated Jim several times but tonight I planned to go beyond a good night kiss and a little grouping and grinding on the dance floor. I had agreed to meet Jim at a hotel restaurant but as a surprise I had arrived early and rented a room.

I spent the afternoon preparing. I took a nap so I would be well rested for tonight’s activities. Then I took a long hot bath, dried and then rubbed myself down with a scented oil. I wanted my body to feel nice and smooth and to smell good for him. I did my makeup, not much just enough to highlight my eyes. I checked myself out in the full length mirror. I’m blond (I haven’t seen my real color since highschool) 5′ 6″ about 135 pounds and 33-24-35. My breasts are a little small and my behind is a little big, but all and all not too bad to look at. I dressed in my Victories Secret underwear, I do like her things. I wear them a lot, even when I have no plans, they just make me feel good. Tonight I choose a little black push up bra (have to make the most of what you’ve got), matching panties, a garter belt and nylons. Garter belts are a pain but guys seem to love them. I put my panties on after the garter belt so when they come off, the garter belt and nylons can stay on. This, again was for Jim, men are so visual but I have been told that my behind is very nice and garters and nylons do highlight that. Next an almost navy blue dress, high at the neck and stopping about mid thigh. I check myself out again in the mirror, the dress emphasis my legs and behind. I’m feeling good about myself and about the night ahead.

At 7:30 I go down to the restaurant to meet Jim. (I get several appreciative looks from men in the elevator and the lobby. I sometimes wonder if they realize how obvious they are. I have to admit that I do like the attention, sometimes.) They seat me and I ordered a wine while I wait. When the waiter brought my third wine, I knew I had been stood up. Now I felt like shit and was trying to figure out how I could get out of there with a little of my pride intact. That’s when my White Knight appeared, John. I’m not sure how he knew I had a problem, but he came right over to me, like it was him I was waiting for. He introduced himself and asked if he and his friends could join me for dinner. I’m not sure if it was the wine, the situation I was in or the personality of this handsome man that made me say yes, but that’s what I did.
John called his friends Paul and Bill over and we all introduced ourselves. We ordered dinner and I had a great time being the center of attention for three very handsome, intelligent and humorous men. When the check came I offered to pay, since they had saved me but they would not here of it. I told them that I would like to do something to repay their kindness and they suggested that I go with them to the hotel’s nightclub. I agreed and off we went.

The nightclub was not much and it was mostly couples but there were drinks, a band and a dance floor. That’s how we amused ourselves for the next couple of hours, drinking, dancing and laughing. It turns out that they were all pretty good dancers, John just had a presence, Bill could dance to anything and Paul could get by slow dancing. As low as I was being stood up, I was high now with their attention. I flirted shamelessly with all of them, enjoyed being held close while we danced and the occasional had that slid down to caress my ass. I also enjoyed the feel of their hard cocks pushed against me while we danced. Nothing can take your mind off being stood up like three hard cocks. I was having a great time, so when they came around for last call, I did not want this night to end. Almost without thinking I invited the three of them up to my room, so we could continue our party. They all said yes and off we went.

When we got to the room, I told them to make themselves at home, to take off their jackets and ties if they wanted. I asked John to mix me a drink and excused myself to the bathroom. Now I was having second thoughts, here I was all alone with three strangers. As my mind debated the pros and cons of my situation, my body just wanted to be close to these men. My mind finally gave in and I went out to rejoin the group.

John met me with my drink and asked me to dance. I gulped down most of the drink and went to him. When he put his arms around me and held me to him, all my doubts disappeared. With his tie gone I could open several buttons on his shirt and put my cheek on his naked chest. I don’t like my men too hairy and John was just right. As we danced I started to kiss his chest and lick his nipples. This had an obvious effect on him. He got harder, held me tighter and slid his hands down to cup my ass. Then the music stopped.

Now it was Bill’s turn. This was a very fast tune from the 60’s and he lifted me and spun me around. I knew that this was showing off my underwear to the others but did not care. At the end Bill dipped me and gave me a kiss. I responded and soon our tongues were dueling and I felt light headed. Paul interrupted us, he wanted his dance.

By this time I was pretty far gone and took his shirt off entirely. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the others remove theirs too. We danced and kissed. I ran my hands over his naked back, kissed his chest and when his hands slid down to cup my ass, I did the same to him. Then he surprised me, he ran his hands up under my dress to fondled my ass without the dress in the way. This felt nice and I could hear John and Paul’s murmurs of approval as my ass and thighs were exposed to them. The music stopped, Bill gave me a deep kiss and then John was there.

Before we started to dance, John joked that they shouldn’t be the only ones half naked. I turned around and moved my hair out of the way, so he could work the zipper of my dress. He moved it down very slowly, teasing me and giving me a chance to change my mind. I was not going to. When the zipper was all the way down he put his hands inside at my waist and moved them up my back to my shoulders. He pushed the dress down my arms and over my hips. I stepped out of it and to my surprise he picked it up and tossed it to the others to hang-up. My back was still to him, I felt his hands caress my behind, then move around my waist and up to cup my breast. As he pulled me to him, I could feel his hard cock against my ass and I wiggled against it. The bra was the front clasp kind, so he was perfectly positioned to release it and he did. He helped me get it off and I tossed it to Bill. John’s hands now cupped my naked breast. They are not real big and in his big hands seemed even smaller but he did not seem to mind and Paul and Bill were enjoying the show. John kissed my neck and ears and then his hands moved down, into my very wet panties and between my legs. I couldn’t do anything but open up for him and shudder as his fingers rubbed my clit. Some guys think that hard and fast is the way to do this but John had just the right touch. Soon I was panting. I could feel John hard against my ass and reached back between us to fondle him. He moaned, I panted. I fumbled at his belt, he whispered “I’ll get that, you take off your panties.” I did not hesitate, I pushed them down and kicked them out of the way. I was now standing before three men, in nothing but heels, nylons and garter belt. Two things happened now, Paul and Bill took this as a sign to join us and when John moved back to me, I had the thrill of felling his cock naked against my ass. Paul kissed me, then moved down to lick my breast and suck my nipples.

John’s hands found their way back to my body, one fondling my ass, the other working his fingers into my pussy. Bill took Paul’s place kissing me until I had to push him away, so I could try and catch my breath. He moved to work on the breast that Paul was not kissing at the time. I had never felt anything like this before, hands all over me, a mouth at each breast, hands on my ass and pussy plus the feel, smell and sounds of three very horny men. John removed his hand from between my legs, I started to protest but Bill kissed his way down my stomach and his tongue took the place of Johns fingers. A minute of his tongue lapping at my clit was all it took to send me into a shuttering orgasm. I would have fallen to the floor but John caught me in his strong arms and cuddled me as I went through the throes of my orgasm. It had been a long time for me and I really needed that. As I returned to some semblance of control, I was saw that Paul and Bill were removing the remainder of their clothes. I was also acutely aware that I was in the arms of a strong powerful man and that his very erect penis, was pushed up against my stomach. John kissed me as I reached down between us to feel his cock. Bill and Paul rejoined us and I felt their hands running over every part of body that wasn’t pressed up against John. My hand moved up and down John’s cock in long slow strokes as we kissed. John’s kisses were deep and soulful, his mouth and tongue teased mine. “I love your mouth” he said “I want you to kiss my cock that way.”

Wow, over the years I had gotten use to the idea that men liked to watch while you sucked their cocks, I even found it exciting but now three were going to watch! Was I ready for this? Did I drop to my knees and start to kiss his cock?

Not immediately, I dropped to my knees but I started with his balls. I kissed and licked, he moaned and asked for more. I carefully took them into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. Then I started to kiss my way up his cock, as I reached the head, I opened my eyes and saw three smiling faces looking down at me. There was no condemnation in their faces, only pleasure, affection and lust. I put on a real show for them licking and sucking on the head of John’s cock. Making sure they could see my tongue swirling around the head, his whole cock disappearing down my throat. I could hear the wet sounds of my mouth on John and the moans of them all as I gave the best blowjob of my life. Paul and Bill enjoyed watching but did not want to be left out, soon each took one of my hands from John’s hips and placed it on their cocks. Fair is fair, they had pleased me now it was my turn to please them. I wrapped my hands around their very hard cocks and started to massage them. Soon my hands where moving up and down their cocks in time with my head bobbing up and down on John’s. By this time I was anxious for the taste of cum.

I know some woman are do not like men to cum in their mouths but I do and I swallow. Since I became sexually active in high school, I have always loved giving head. I started out rubbing guys through their jeans, then masturbating them into my hand and then blowing them. Guys wanted fuck me but they did not put up much of a struggle, as long as they got off, in my mouth. I did not get deflowered until I was a freshman in collage. Actual my pussy as a freshman, my ass as a junior. That junior year was also when I learned to like being eaten, my roommate taught me how to enjoy both her tongue and her pussy. I digress.

John tried to push me away saying I was going to make him cum. I let his dick slide out of my mouth and looked up at him. “You good for only once a night?” He laughed and said “NO!” “Then cum in my mouth now and then you will be able to give me a long, slow fuck later.” “I’m not one to argue with a lady with my dick in her mouth. If that’s what you want, I’m more then willing.” They always are. I went back to sucking with renewed vigor, knowing I was going to get my reward. In no time I felt him tense and I could feel his cum as it passed under my lips and exploded into my mouth. I kept sucking and licking until he begged off, saying that it was to much. Then in a move that surprised me, even as I did it, I moved to suck Paul’s cock and pulled Bill closer. I stroked both, licking first the head of one then the other. They were both exited from watching me with John and from their comments, enjoyed watching me suck both their cocks. Each taunted the other about who would last longer. It was close to a tie but Bill came in my mouth first. The sight of this sent Paul over the edge and he came on my neck and shoulder, until I could get him into my mouth. I sucked them both clean and then sat back on my heels to survey my accomplishment.

What I saw was that John had recovered while watch my performance, he was erect again. He helped me up took me to the bed, sat me on it, and got a washcloth to remove Paul’s cum from my body. He asked if I wanted something to drink, I was enjoying the taste of these three, so I declined. He knelt before me and softly kissed my breast and worked down my stomach while his hands ran along my thighs. He pulled me forward, pushed my legs up towards my shoulders and with me speadeagled proceeded to tongue me better then anybody ever, man or woman. He licked my pussy, my clit, my asshole. His tongue seemed to be everywhere. I was going crazy! I heard a voice, that I realized was mine, begging him to fuck me. After teasing me for a little while longer, he did. I moved around on the bed and he got on between my legs. I grabbed my knees, pulling my legs back so I was wide open to him, and begged him to hurry. I knew that this had to be quite a show for the others but all I could think of was his hard cock!!!! John took his cock and slowly ran it around the outside of my pussy, I forced my hips up trying to get him in but he wanted it his way. He kept at it for what seemed like an eternity but was probable only a couple of minutes. Then he pushed into me and I came before he got all the way in. He stopped and let me catch my breath, then proceeded to fuck me to two more orgasms before filling my pussy with his cum.

Part 2

I lay there on the bed, John still on top of me, enjoying the feelings in my body and rubbing my hands all over him and thanking him for fucking me. He replied that the pleasure was all his but we all know that’s not entirely true. After relaxing for a little while, I looked up to see Paul and Bill patiently masturbating themselves. Our little show had them both ready again. As John moved off me and headed to the bathroom, I waved them to the bed. Paul got there first, so he took John’s place. He slid right in and it took only a couple of strokes from his cock to get me revved up again. As we fucked away Bill complained that he was left out. Paul said “hold on!” and rolled over so now I was on top. I like this position but I do find it tiring. Before I could get into a rhythm, I felt Bills hands on my hips and his tongue sliding into my ass. I could not bounce up and down on Paul but I sure did squirm around, enjoying both a tongue and a dick. Bill asked “Can I fuck your beautiful ass?” I have been taken anally before (I like that too) but never had two men in me at once. Tonight was a night of many first. “I thought you would never ask. Let me lift off Paul so you can get your cock nice and wet in my pussy. Then you have to go slow. O.K.” At this point I could have asked for his firstborn and he would have said yes. He lifted me off Paul and Bill fucked me quickly while fingering my asshole. He pulled out and I guided Paul back in. I felt the head of Bill’s penis as he worked it around my hole, I tensed slightly as he pushed the head in. God how I love that! He worked his way in using small, quick thrust, until I could feel his balls hit my ass. I heard a cheer and looked up to see John watching. I was surprised that I was not embarrassed but I just wanted to please them all. Now Paul and Bill started to work their cocks in unison. There was little I could do but wiggle my ass and enjoy the pleasure from these two wonderful cocks. Bill kept telling me how hot and tight my ass is and how beautiful it looked with his cock moving in and out of it. I heard a murmur of agreement from John but was beyond anything but the pleasure I was receiving. Paul and Bill wanted us all to get off at the same time but I was first and as I twisted and writhed in on of the most intense orgasms of my life, they came too. Paul screaming and filing my pussy, Bill almost whimpering in pleasure filling my ass.

I’m not sure if I passed out but the next thing I’m aware of is the three of them washing me down. They had removed my nylons and garter belt and I was laying on the other bed. I felt so satisfied and comfortable that I just laid there and enjoyed their efforts. I suggested that I needed to rest up and John offered to leave. I pulled him into bed and asked them to stay with me for awhile. John and Bill crawled into bed, no room for poor Paul. I snuggled up spoon fashion with John, kissed Bill and dozed off.

I woke later having to pee. Paul was sitting on the other bed, wrapped in a blanket watching TV. I looked around for something to wear, then thought, this man has seen more of me then my gynecologist, so got up and walked to the bathroom. When I came out, Paul smiled and asked how I was. I told him O.K. but shivered from the coolness of the room. He opened the blanket in an offering of warmth. I sat beside him and he put his arm around me and covered me with the blanket. I asked why he was up.

“To worked up to sleep.”

“You know that I’m not usually such a tramp.”

“Don’t worry, I think your wonderful. My only regret is that Bill got to make love to your behind and not me. I’m the real ass man.”

“He didn’t get any pussy.”

“Actually he did get to lick yours, I didn’t even get to do that.”

I smiled at that memory “It’s not to late to fix that.”

“You think your up to it. You have been through a lot.”

“No way to know but to try, if your interested?”

With that he slid to his knees between my legs and started kissing his way up my thighs. He want very slow and by the time he reached his goal, I was already squirming on the bed. He asked me to kneel next to the bed, with my body resting on it. He used his mouth to attack me from behind. He was so gentle and soon had me all worked up. He put several fingers in me, I was so wet they went right in. He moved his mouth to my ass and proceeded to use his tongue like a mini penis, fucking my ass with it. I couldn’t stand it any longer. “O.K ass man you get your wish, Please fuck me.” I felt his mouth and fingers leave me, then his penis entered my pussy. He stroked in and out, deeper and deeper while he worked first one then two and then three fingers into my ass. I was red hot when he whispered in my ear.

“Can I fuck your ass now?”

“Yes, Yes pleeeeease hurry!!”

I felt him pull out of my pussy, then the pressure and he was working his hard cock deep into may ass. Soon he was all the way in and pumping me in slow regular rhythm. I started moving my ass, pushing back hard against his thrust. “DON’T HOLD BACK, GIVE IT TO ME.” I screamed. And boy did he, pounding me into the bed. I really couldn’t move, I just lay there and enjoyed the pleasure of his movement. “I’m going to cum.” I told him. “I’ll be with you.” He replied and almost on cue, I came and he came. I heard cheers and looked to see that John and Bill were awake and watching us and cheering our performance. I closed my eyes and relaxed on the bed, until Paul’s now shrunken penis, slid from my body. Then I made another trip to the bathroom.

When I came out, Paul was laying asleep on one bed. John and Bill were sitting on the other bed massaging huge erections. “You guys are impossible, don’t you ever quiet!” I laughed! I put my arms around John’s neck and gave him a big kiss. He had a great mouth and his hands felt wonderful, as he ran them all over my body. There was that dick of his poking me in the stomach again. I asked for a drink and John went to fetch it. Bill pulled me onto his lap and kissed me. I took my drink from John and sipped it while they whispered sweat nothings. John convinced me I was finished with my drink, by leaning forward and sucking my right nipple into his mouth. I handed the drink to Bill and turned to kissed him.

Bill’s hand moved to my clit, like it was guided by radar. I was so surprised when he touched it, I jumped and almost lost a nipple to John’s mouth. Bill worked my clit with one hand while the other moved several fingers into me. “Your still so wet” Bill said. “I know. If you guys keep it up, I’ll be dehydrated in the morning.” But they kept it up Bill with his hands and John moving between me breast. I had one hand in John’s lap playing with his cock and the other in Bill’s handling his balls. After a couple of minutes of this Bill lifted me from his lap and rubbed his cock across my pussy. Well I was ready again, I held his cock and lowered myself, working it in inch by beautiful inch, until I was sitting on his lap again but this time with his cock buried in me. This brought a groan to both are lips and John, who had just went along with my movements, sat back to see what had transpired.

He smiled as Bill holding my hips, helped me move up and down on his cock. John stood and moved before us he. He took my face in his hands and kissed me, I could get lost in that mouth of his. I was enjoying the feeling of Bill working in and out and John’s great kisses when John started to back away. I thought he was leaving but he had other things on his mind. With his hands on my shoulders he guided me forward and down. So when I opened my eyes there was his huge cock staring me in the face. Not one to miss the chance to suck such a beautiful cock, I moved to capture it with my mouth. When I did. I almost lost Bill from my pussy. Luck was with me and I was able to swallow one without loosing the other. John held my shoulders and rocked me back and forth. As his cock slid into my mouth, Bills slide out of my pussy. I had my hands on John’s hips for support but just let them move me while I moved my hips and my tongue as best I could. We moved in his embrace for several minutes when Bill, almost screamed that he had to cum and started to pump me with even greater vigor. John followed Bill’s lead and started moving his dick in an out of my sucking mouth, even faster.

Bill came in my pussy, pulling me down and holding me to him as his cock pulsed and filled me with his cum. While he came he told me how hot I was, how good it felt to cum in me, how tight my pussy was. Then he urged me to finish John off. ” Rita make him cum with your mouth. Let him cum on your face!” My face? My bastard husband use to do that to me ‘accidentally’ and I always hated it. With this wonderful man the idea was exciting. I removed his penis from my mouth and while I licked the head of his cock and looked him in the eyes, asked him.

“Do you want to cum on my face?” “Can I, Rita?” he almost whimpered. I gave the head of his dick a long slow lick and told him “Yes! Do you want to control it or do you want me too?” “You do it” he grunted.

After this conversation, it only took a minute of my sucking to feel the first spurting of his cum. I pulled my mouth off him and jerked his cock, as his cum splashed onto my face. With my husbands ‘accidents’ this always made me mad but with John it just triggered and unbelievable orgasm. When John stopped spurting, I rubbed him all over my face and put him back in my mouth, to get the last bit of his cum. Then John helped me get off Bill and I went to the bathroom to clean up.

In the mirror I was a wreck, my lips red and puffy, my hair all over the place and cum ran down my cheeks. But there was also a very satisfied glow. I started to wonder when the ‘gulties’ would hit when John knocked and asked if he could come in. I wiped off my face and let him in. He said Bill and Paul had gone to shower and change and asked if I like to share a shower with him. I thought that was a great idea, any excuse to be close to this wonderful man.

If you have been keeping track, John was the only one who did not take me anally. We took care of that oversight during our shower.
When we finished drying off, Paul and Bill were back with clean clothes for John. We dressed and they took me to breakfast. With all I had done with these men, I should have been embarrassed and ashamed but breakfast was almost as delightful as dinner the night before. After breakfast we checked out. They offered to pay for my room but I declined. I said goodbye to Paul and Bill in the lobby, with a warm hug and a kiss from each. John walked me to car, carrying my small bag and holding my hand like we were school kids. I threw my things in the car and gave John a card with my numbers on it (home, work, FAX, e-mail. the works). “For me or the three of us?” “You decide.” I told him. He took me in his arms and we kissed. I couldn’t believe it but I would swear that I felt his cock getting hard again. Then he helped me into the car, said goodbye and off I drove.


Have I heard from them, not yet but I’m hopeful.

Did the ‘gulties’ strike, not really. For the first week, whenever I thought of that night, I got so horny I had to masturbate. Several times I had to go to the ladies room at work. One time a woman asked me if I was O.K., because she heard moaning in the stall. I still need to spend only a minute thinking about that night and I’m all wet, without even touching myself.

Jim? He actually had a good excuse and the hotel had screwed up getting the message to me. We did become lovers but it was a let down. Jim is a nice guy but not much of a lover. His intercourse is just O.K. but he thinks sucking cock is just foreplay, eating pussy is for ‘dikes’ and anal sex is for ‘fags’, so he has no place in my life. To many real men out there, to bother with him.