May 27

Question #1

Question: –
Oh you threw a party!? Man that sounded fun! Did you have a hangover the next day? Lol 😄
Answer: –
Yeah I throw rave parties all over the world.. Lately it’s been mostly in the Asian countries as I’ve not been in the USA for awhile nor have I been in Europe for a bit. I usually bounce around Honshu mostly, which is the primary island of Japan .. the middle part that is. I’ve been to Hokkaido a few times and I live in the Kyushu region in Kumamoto-shi, kind of a podunk city at times, but the mountains are wonderful.

And no I don’t drink at the parties, I stopped doing drugs and what not years ago, I just throw way too many of these things to be destroying myself every time I throw one you know? At times I’ll smoke some pot especially these babies they’re called Magars – I have them shipped to me, they usually cost around $50 for a big one.. I pay around $250 for each one that comes through successfully. I know the people who roll those things, but I don’t DARE get them involved in that shit. I use other people to send me those thing. Plus they wouldn’t anyways, because they’re smart!! It’s still federally illegal in the USA.

It’s still pretty illegal here in Japan, so I only usually smoke these at events because we check everyone at the door and deny local officials into the club. We pay some people off at times to leave people alone, but if my peeps get out of line we ask them to chill and if they don’t they find themselves outside our doors where the local officials are waiting …. I hate doing that, but I hate people causing stupid scenes when they get too fucked up.

Of course the liquor scene here is out of control. It’s actually not considered rude to be overly drunk in public.. It’s kind of the norm here at times. I don’t mind it, but it’s funny how pot is illegal yet this shit is totally cool…

Well, that’s life. I get by though 🙂


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May 13

A Walk to Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto CastleSo I’m about to take a walk on over Kumamot Castle, it’s a pretty neat place, although after the first couple times of actually going to it, it’s pretty much just like anything else you live next to too long! Although I still can’t help appreciating the landmark and the architecture. Japan is a pretty cool place for stuff like this. Anyway, I’m off, here’s a piece of info from wikipedia about it. But if this isn’t your thing, you can always just got whack off to a hentai game.

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城 Kumamoto-jō?) is a hilltop Japanese castle located in Chūō-ku, Kumamoto in Kumamoto Prefecture.[1] It was a large and extremely well fortified castle. The castle keep (天守閣 tenshukaku?) is a concrete reconstruction built in 1960,[1] but several ancillary wooden buildings remain of the original castle. Kumamoto Castle is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, along with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle.[2] Thirteen structures in the castle complex are designated Important Cultural Property.[1] – you can read the rest here.

-Elli Sanders

May 11




Ohh… yeah I went here. She is a classic psycho type Jap chick and I’ve been following her for awhile while I’ve been in Japan. Shes pretty fun to watch and god damn shes got some catchy shit… I mean minus all the NWO shit in Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s videos, she herself seems pretty damn legit in my book… For those that don’t know WarnerJapan… the company that gave her, her platform, plants little stupid shit in her videos cause their wankers… This song referenced by the video is about pharmaceutical drugs taking over the world. Maybe you can spot where this notion is brought up. HAVE FUN!!!!!

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May 11

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PONPONPON

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPONきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PONPONPON

Well for those that don’t know this song, you’re in for a big surprise. Kyari is a fucking genius when it comes to Japanese fuck your head up type of music added with the “special-ness” of the video, you’ll find yourself fisting your asshole by the end of the video!

Do enjoy that!

-Elli Sanders the Almost as Psycho As Kyari “Genki Samurai”

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May 11

The True Meaning of Kira-Kira-Kira きらーきらーキラ by Kyari-Pamyu-Pamyu


When I first saw Kira-Kira-Kira I was hanging out with my webmaster/friend and he and I about fell over watching this video. There is so much esoteric craziness here, that if you’re not into this type of stuff, you can either watch this shit and get into it, or just listen to the music video below and carry on with your day!

-Elli Sanders

What does Kira Kira Kira Music Video Mean?

I’ve been a student of the occult, esoteric and mystery schools since I was 15-16. I’ll just say I this video is actually symbolic in every single way. I’ve been re-watching it over and over again. Constantly discover new ideas inside it. At a time I thought that the lyrics were not related, but hold on one second. They do have hints of something being spoken about in this mystical video. What could it be though? What is this video referring too? What possibly could this mean? I’ve gathered from a few places that I’ve searched on the internet that a lot of people believe this to be just a simple drug induced trip out.

Well, there is some validity in that, but that is certainly not it! Perhaps this is a more so a mushroom trip though. So lets go ahead and get to it then shall we? – I will post the video here and you can follow along.

The bow and arrow being shot into the heart is a classic example of the mythical creature Cupid. So to set the tone for this video, we will go ahead and say that this is a direct influence of desire, love, lust and sex. As Cupid’s real meaning was one who helped create the collapsing of true love which existed in the “Garden of Eden” (not the cause though) which represents his source of power: a person, or possibly even a god, who if shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable lust and desire, causing cravings which in the end leads to fear, loss and anger (all the way to the darkside!). It is said that Cupid is a seductive and malicious entity who exploits the desires created inside the human psyche which leads people into an allegoric underworld of vice. In this case, sexual desire.

The death is caused by the loss of innocence… By being penetrated by the arrow it’s symbolic of being entered into, accessing the most sacred energy of the human body, the human center, the heart. Which could also be portrayed by the orgasm, as it is said to be like a “small death” (we will get way more into this later). The shift into the astral realm then starts to take us on our journey. This is where drugs are mentioned, but we should not imply it too much as it’s limited in it’s symbolism and tone. When she enters into the astral we see the famous Gnostic Astral Painting background. From what I’ve read this is a painting of John Dee (the original 007) passing into the astral realm. Either way, this is so absolutely blatant of a reference, I’m sure all I really have to do is show the picture and you make up your own mind!

Passing into the Astral Kyari Kyari Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅーぱみゅーきらきらキラーThen we see the holy trinity geometric 3D shape show up in the background, along with a skeleton to show our humanity and our connection the physical as well as “yin yang” representing the masculine and feminine energies. These images of the background really come together very well, and here later when I share a video with you, you’ll see this is more then meets the eye. But it’s perfect from how the video was initially set up. Remember? The heart in the arrow from cupid? Causing lustful, desirous energy? Well these few images are representations of “The Son, The Spirit and the Holy Ghost” the holy trinity.

Holy Trinity Sacred Geometry Son Spirit Holy Spirit Born from Water SexuallyNext we see the shaman come in to play. Now this is where some “drug” use is sort of implied. Serbian shamans (and many other types) were known to use animal entities costumes (the ultimate cosplay!), and use this energies to evoke certain ways of seeing the would and create behaviors to help the shaman or tribe connect with an idea.

Shaman with Deer Antlers Meaning Kira Kira Kira Kyari Pamyu PamyuIn this case you should know that the deer antlers are very symbolic for where they are located (the astral). Antlers symbolized a connecting with the wider universe, pushing out into the cosmos from the top of the head like antennae. As much as that pretty much rings the bell, it’s interesting to note that in Siberia shamans would ride around on sleds driven by rain-deer and he would come down through “chimneys” of the dwellers in the area (because their doorways were usually snowed over) and he would bring his sack of mushrooms and lead people through psychedelic experiences, or so as to be one with the matrix with the guide of the shaman.

Rain Deer Shaman SledgesGuess a day when this all went down? That’s right, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! The mushroom used for the experience are the same mushrooms that Mario and Luigi uses to grow big and strong in his debut in Super Mario Brothers. The sacred Amanita Muscaria. This leads me to the first video of this discussion to help you understand more about what I’m talking about and more about the symbols coming up! But lets finish this little part up with the shamans entrance. The notion of her being “transported” on the tip of his finger is suggesting the old axiom “As Above, So Below”. The macrocosm is the exact same as the microcosm.

Sacred Amanita MuscariaThe Universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as a galaxy, solar system, tree, an invisible wave from a radio tower… and it goes on. It’s basically saying, we are all one! All fluctuating on the same pulse of the universal grid of laws, sacred patterns and so on. This phrase comes from a sacred document called “The Emerald Tablet” and encompasses the entire tool box of traditional and modern magics. This phrase has been said by Hermes Trismegistus (a famous thinker/alchemist) to hold all the keys to mysteries of life and the Universe.

So let me back up a bit. Why am I mentioning the shaman and the mushroom tripping? Well first off, we can point to the fact that in this situation Kyari is being led by the shaman through a very spiritual experience. Helping her understand several things. But I mention the mushroom not just for the point of her being led by a spiritual guide, but because of the egg that appears soon after this in the sky. The egg is synonymous with the mushroom. Easter for examples real meaning is not just for the rebirth of Christ (which is important in this article) but it’s of fertility worship.

Many companies now days actually use the name of Christ such as Crest or Crisco (and many others) as they are societies of fertility worship behind their brand name. The name Christ is also said to be Kristos.

Kira Kira Kira Egg Sperm and Fertility Worship MushroomNow very interesting to take these aspects into themselves, as in this scene we see Kyari being surrounded by sperm swimming before the egg appears in the sky. Many people see this as a “rebirth”. It is in a sense. It’s a re-birthing of the spirit through pure sexual energy, the Kundalini. This is what rebirth / reincarnation really means in this video. Jesus was reborn through the spiritual essence of water, water being the divine medium of all sexual energy (you’ll understand this farther down). Remember the holy trinity picture above?

Kira Kira Kira Holy Trinity Yin Yang SkeletonThe Son, The Spirit and the Holy Ghost is nothing but a reference to male and female energy returning into source and how is that accomplished? Through Sex! Through an enlightened sex session (with out orgasm or lust) man/woman becomes whole again with god. Now before you go any farther it’s time for you to understand more about the fall from grace (aka the Garden of Eden) … Now I could go on forever explaining the many meanings of the Garden of Eden (E-din) but lets just stick with the idea at hand. Watch this video and you’ll be ready to see the truth behind the video. But with that, you are in a sense taking the red pill here. You’ll forever be opened to a new way of seeing symbols in Alchemy and in every day “modern” corporate art.

Perhaps you’ll discover something way more profound then what Kyari has simply mentioned here. But in the end, it is her doing that you are even here. These symbols and ideas are way to profound for the spirit not to seek answers. So to really consolidate the understand of this video, I give you…

SEX – The Secret Gate to Eden

Ahh… wow right? So I’m sure even with just this video, you see something different in video right? Well that’s the purpose. So now when we look at this next part in the video:

The Holy Trinity Sacred Geometry Cross Astral Plane Kira Kira KiraWe see again the holy trinity along with the cross. Suggesting spiritual growth through the rebirth of the merging of male and female energies, subtlety spinning out like the Fibonacci sequence. Again more suggesting a balanced and flowing sexual nature. The next scene while she is dancing in the midst of the astral is a point towards being able to manipulate the dream state of reality as she merges and pulls the area around her into herself. This is the power of the mind and the will of sexual energy when it is put to proper use. The world becomes a moveable fabric that the mind controls.

Moveable Reality Sexual Energy and Mind Kira Kira KiraAnd as we see it the shaman is helping in this understanding, by assisting Kyari in moving the etheric realm she once thought was solid. This is what real shamans did whilst helping individuals visit this plane of existence. To help people understand, that when they come out of the experience they know for an absolute fact, that what we know as our reality, it’s not what we have been led to believe and that we have complete control over our lives and what we CHOOSE to experience.

Shaman Deer Antlers Ritual Kyari Pamyu Pamyu Kira Kira Kira

Soon afterward we see the world-tortoise Kurmaraja and the world-elephant

The most widespread name given to the tortoise is Kurma or Kurmaraja. The Shatapatha Brahmana identifies the earth as its lower shell, the atmosphere as its body and the vault of heaven as its upper shell. The turtle is an animal whose magic is said to unite heaven and earth. In fact the turtle in this sense symbolizes a symbol that is used in the Science of Mind teachings by Earnest Holmes as seen below.

Science of Mind Symbol Meaning LogoWhat is very interesting about the turtle that it traverses the sexual waters with ease, this is the energy of the feminine. Through mastering this energy one can become aligned with heaven and god. The world-elephant has been said to be a mix-up with the word that means Snake. So the elephants have been passed down perhaps meaning something else. Either way, the next step through this is the meeting of the serpent after being tempted by the apple. Which now you should know is the knowledge of the orgasm which broke alignment from man and god.

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu Snake Apple Tree Eating Sexual Energy Kundalini

So as the tortoise is shown mastering the waters of sexual energy we see the serpent tempting with desire. Kyari then takes a ride on the serpent, hoping to conquer over her lower desires, but quickly is eaten by her dragon (or her sexual energy). After being crapped out, shes then locked in stasis by this suffering of carnal desire (the scene with the bouncing ball going on and on). But soon finds her self coming to a great truth, which is dictated by the scene E=MC2.

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu E=MC2 Great Truth RevealedThe shaman then shows her how to then direct the energy to become a full human being and in alignment with oneself. By drawing upon the energies, he pulls it down from the sky, and repairs the Satan’s tail (or if you didn’t watch the video – the energetic DNA Kundalini energy in the body). Kyari then takes a ride down a tunnel, directing her to find her answer to repairing her soul back into a full human being, the board created is her vehicle (or her will and her desire to be fully human).

Kyari Kira Kira Kira TravelingNext she finds herself in a new area, then transformed into some kind of princess, which I swear has a piece of her customs that looks like dripping semen. If that’s the case or not, if you remember the video above, you know about the idea of the sleeping princess, the snow white mention.. remember that? Kyari Princess Sleeping and Awaking Sexual Energy Kira Kira KiraIt’s representing the great sleep brought on by the choice made to eat of the tree of knowledge and become aware of the orgasm. But in this scene it seems that it’s a princess that has awakened to the reality of her self mastery over her serpent, and instead of being eaten by it, she tames it. The cross in the back is the answer to awakening from this sleep and she knows it here. The cross has many meanings, but in this case it’s the breaking of the serpents hold and transferring it into something more powerful then what it is.

Kyari Pamyu Kira Kira Kira Lotus Flower Kundalini Sexual Enlightenment Human SoulThis is shown by the lotus that she stands upon as it lifts her out of her suffering as she is reborn again. This could also be seen as the Kundalini rising upwards. It is interesting that the lotus flower is a flower that resides on top of the water. Signifying yet again, mastery over the water (or the sexual energy).

The last part where you find out she was the one who popped herself in the chest, is up to debate. I personally can dig the explanation by Alexis Stephens over on his article “how to watch Kira-Kira-Kira” He ends it like this and I’ll stand by this. The only thing I could state here is that one is able to affect the past with their thoughts and thinking in the present, thusly actually changing events in the present and into the future. This has been proven by “What the Bleep Do We Know”. It could be her affecting her past? Either way check out what Alexis Stephens says about this last part:

Kira Kira Kira is Kyari Pamyu(The first sentence is from the explanation of the lotus flower even further which I thought was pretty epic as well)

In Buddhism, this symbolizes the “progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.” Rad.

The song winds down to silence and the blackness of space. However, there’s one final reveal. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back in the blue frock we first saw her in. She raises a crossbow and arrow and we now know that divine archer, our beautiful “kira kira killer” is none other than Kyary Pamyu Pamyu herself. Rather than the song being just another cutesy ode to an untouchable crush, “Kira Kira Killer” is about self-love and also the annihilation of ego in order to attain enlightenment. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu doesn’t just create addictive sugar-coated pop. She’s given us a philosophical contemplation about the nature of self and the universe. Thanks, Kyary!

So there you have it. Take it or leave it. Either way you are being inundated by the symbols inside this video, connecting to your higher mind and cell/dna memory. So you were being pried open awake ever so slightly if you believe this or not!

The Heart of Courage – Onward towards your spiritual enlightenment and awakening. Thank you Kyari… Even though, I believe you are hapless servant to these videos, you certainly are awakening people if you know it or not. One other thing you might find interesting before I close this out, is a lot of her videos are of Esoteric meanings. Her song Invader and Invader is actually a reference to pharmaceutical drugs taking over the world. See if you can spot that on your own.

First Seen Here

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May 11

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – ふりそでーしょん

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - ふりそでーしょんきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ ふりそでーしょん

This is a song about turning 20… She is saying Ha-Ta-Chi はたちwhich means 20 years old. In Japan you are considered an adult and you’re pretty much free to fuck your liver up as you see fit, which you can see in this video, Kyari spares no time doing just that… but she gets too fucked up and wants to fuck the big ばけもの monster guy.

In Japanese (日本語) you count your age by saying わたしはにじゅうきゅうさいです ー which means I am 29 years old. You count with さい (Sai) as the indicator of age for all years except for 20 which is

はたち! Now you know! Hurray for you 😛

-Elli Sanders the Wannabie Jap Jap “Genki Samurai”

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May 11

Sisters of the Light – Nightcore

Sisters of the Light We’ve jammed this exact song in a couple club meet ups. This is the perfect speed for this Nightcore version of this song. Just because I’m a sex crazed maniac doesn’t mean that I’m not a Sister of the Light 😛

Elli Sanders “The Righteous Genki Samurai”

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May 11

A Geishe’s Dreams

geishas dreams nightcore I’ve been jamming this one at the clubs for the past couple months, thought I’d share it here! BAM!

Elli Sanders “the most Ninja of all Samurai’s!”

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May 11

Ma15 – 最強x計画 (Sumomomo Momomo)

Ma15 – 最強×計画 – Sumomomo Momomo

Ma15 - 最強x計画 (Sumomomo Momomo) HENTAI ATTACKThis is just a fun song! Right? Awsome – Strongest Plan hentai song! This GIF is great for this type of music… over and over and long hard cock pumps cum deep into a whores ass! I’d love to say this was me tonight ^_^ BUT… it’s just me and my crazy hentai site 😉

-Elli Sanders

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May 11

S3RL – feat Yurino – Be My Gameboy

Such a little catchy tune right? For some reason when I get fucked in the ass and this song comes on and I push my ass back into the cock fucking me to the beat of this song. It pushes me into slut desires to give men exactly what they are searching for. I’m a dirty girl. Fuck my ass boys ^_^

Listen to Be my Gameboy S3RL

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