Jul 15

Amazing Horse

Look at my Horse My Horse is AmazingAmazing Horse Hentai Video

Oh my fucking god… Wow! If you’ve not seen this ridiculous flash music video then you’re in for a treat. I hope you like random fucked up shit because this is exactly what you are going to get. It’s a catchy little music video that last about a minute but it’s cut so that it can loop forever. It’s not really porn but… it’s funny enjoy!

Here are the lyrics … Prepare yourself:

Look at my horse, my horse in amazing
Give it a lick
Mmm, it tastes just like raisins
By the stroke of it’s mane it turns into a plane and then it turns back again when you tug on it’s winkie
Ewww that’s dirty
Do you think so?
Well I better not show you where the lemonade is made
sweet lemonade mmm
sweet lemonade
sweet lemonade yeah
sweet lemonade
Get on my horse I’ll take you around the universe and all the other places too.
I’ll think you find the universe pretty much covers everything
Shut up woman get on my horse.

For another song based hentai video check out Fuck Her Gently by Jack Black.

Elli Sanders

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