Jan 10

Fuck Town: Christmas Vanity

https://hentaijoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/fuck-town-christmas-vanity-hentai-flash-game.pngFuck Town: Christmas Vanity Meet and Fuck

This is a game where a guy develops special glasses which allows him to see through one layer of clothes. After testing them on his buddy and seeing that he is wearing a sexy red speedo, he goes to his girlfriend at the gym. You can either talk to her or use the glasses on her. You can use the glasses before talking or anytime in the middle of the conversation, but by the end of the conversation, you will not be able to use them before going to the locker room where you will get a boob job from her giant tits. Then after going to the store to get your girlfriend a Christmas gift and then doing an errand for the store you will then get a blowjob followed by sex from the red head sales lady if you use your glasses and guess her tattoo correctly. The errand you do is a game where you must move your mouse from side to side and avoid trees and such while also passing over fuel stations in order to make a delivery. If you guess the woman’s tattoo incorrectly, you will jump straight to your girlfriend’s house without getting sex or another chance to answer. At your girlfriend’s apartment, you strip her and touch her to get her turned on. Then you get to have sex with her. That’s it. …

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Elli Sanders

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