Jan 19

The Strict Teacher

the strict teacher hentai flash gameThe Strict Teacher Meet and Fuck

This game has two schoolgirls sitting next to each other: a blue haired chick and a blonde chick. You can select one to call to the front of the class and then ask her about her homework. After talking with her in a way where if you select the wrong answer you will be able to reselect until you answer correctly, she will prepare herself for sex. The blue haired chick will be laying on her back with her ass in the air and her knees to the sides of her body. She will still have her panties and uniform on, and you are to strip her. There is a little question mark button in the top left hand corner of the screen to help you know what to do if you hover over it. You click her shirt and expose her breasts then her panties and remove them entirely. Then the teacher begins inserting his ling dick inside her tight pussy. You are to click the next available dick/arrow button at the top of the screen to make the guy hump faster, then the cum button is in the bottom right hand corner before the pleasure bar.

Then you will be brought back to the screen with the two students. You can then select the other chick, but you can also reselect the same chick and will have to go through the conversation and everything again. The blonde chick begins fucking the teacher right away without striping or touching first. Then another student comes in late, and after asking her about her homework, he exposes her breasts and pussy then touches her body and fingers her holes he fucks her from behind first in the cunt for being late then in the ass for not doing her homework. Then the game is over. For more slutty horny teachers visit the page.

Elli Sanders

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