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The Sex Pit

the sex pit hentai flash gameThe Sex Pit Action and Arcade Hentai Games

This is a very interesting game where you run a sex warehouse. You earn money by setting guys up with their desired chick. You can use the money to increase your strength and health or you can clean up the warehouse by changing to the warehouse button after each day. You can increase the number of beds and the quality of the beds. You can get rid of chicks and find new ones in the stock button tab. Also while fucking, you can click the x-ray button in the lower right hand corner and see the dude’s dick inside the chick. That will stay until you click it again. To assign a chick to a dude, you grab their face icon at the bottom of the screen and drag it to meet the face icon of the chick the dude wants. Increasing the conditions of the warehouse will increase your fame. You can drag the yellow dot in the bottom right hand corner of each chick’s box when you are in the stock menu and drag them down to the trash, or give them increased health, makeup, hygiene, or strength. You can also drag pregnant chicks to the baby logo at the bottom of the screen and receive $500 by having them birth the baby. For more visit the home page.

Here is a bit of some extra information you should know about Sex Pit the Human Trafficking game check this out.

1. If you play it to the end and you want to re-play it again. Refresh the page

2. Upgrade the warehouse first everything else will come later.. or at least that is the hint the author of the game gives.

3. Don’t actually go to a place like this, even when it looks like a world class brothel below. You will most likely snag an STD. Just in case you do, 4 oxygen 4 silver… intravenously. Score the cure for AIDS and many other things. (GAME IS BELOW THE PICTURE)

Brothel Hentai Games

Elli Sanders

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