Aug 28

‘Coming Alive’ Chill-step Elli Style

Nothing but the best damn hentai rave chill step otaku music ever by the sanders“Come Alive” Chill Step by the Sanders

Just pretend that’s me.. because, frankly totally looks like me all focused and shit when I get to fuck with the DJs shit. I’m not too bad when I throw down. But I tend to leave it to the pros.

So here’s a story for you. About 8 years ago I did my first international event in Berlin at this place called Picknick. It was my very first out of the states event and I was there with my big brotha (not really my brother but he was my musiq spinner DJ, at the time going under the name Farlack Blue). We fucking rocked that shit so hard, sadly it was so epic a couple people OD on some fucked up shit in the bathroom.

It’s happened a couple times in my events, but overall I’ve been told less fucked up shit has happened during my career as a planner and organizer of a rave club then any other club event that’s gone international with more then 200 events under their belt.

Just thought that would be interesting tid bit. Enjoy the epic.