Jan 05

Diva Mizuki Portal

diva mizuki portal hentai flash gameDiva Mizuki Portal Fuck

You begin at Mizuki’s home then she is teleported by computer eyeball things that want her to test a sperm gun. There are ten missions she must complete. The mission is that she has to fuck a certain number of chick’s slightly large tits with the strap on dildo sperm gun in the allotted amount of time. Chicks will manifest in holes in the wall and will also disappear shortly if they are not being fucked. simple mouse movements are required. The first level is simply to tit fuck three chicks. The second is to tit fuck ten chicks. The third, blowjob mode becomes unlocked and she must take off her shirt and give five blow jobs with the strap on sperm gun dildo. Level four requirements are to titty fuck 3 chicks and give 8 chicks blow jobs. That is as far as I went in this game. I also got a time bonus which I clicked on and got a little bit more time but I was still one blow job short. Check out more free game porn on the home page.

Elli Sanders

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