Jun 11

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

I firmly believe this slut got caught on purpose. She heard the other police officers say that if you get caught by this tentacle monsters that you’ll have the most fulfilling sexual release of your life. But they forgot to add that these women were also then ripped down into the sewers and never heard of again. But at this point she can attest that they were right, her pussy is fully swollen and dripping with her womanly juice. Added with the monsters natural lubricant and the semen is pushing deep into her womb, she feels full and wonderful.

What she doesn’t know is that soon after her orgasm the tentacle monster will inject 1000’s of little fertile eggs into her womb for breeding. It will create a painful pressure in her lower stomach. But luckily for her, they also inject a numbing agent soon afterward that leaves the breeding vessel in state of pleasure. This will be her life from now on until her womb can no longer withstand the amount of eggs the tentacles inject inside of her. Once she is of no use, she will be released as an empty shell of a person, left wanting more. No man will ever be able to satisfy her ever again. Her focus only on how she can repair her womb so she can return home as a fresh breeder.

-Elli Sanders

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creatue Invades Her Womb

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Jan 19

Subway Fucker Part 2

subway fucker part 2 hentai flash gameSubway Fucker Part 2 Meet and Fuck

This part continues on from Subway Fucker Part 1 and has four options for different sex positions with the abducted unconscious naked brunette subway girl. Each scene has multiple viewpoints including one close up shot of his dick slamming her pussy. The dude juices in her and the game continues onto Subway Fucker Part 3. I would suggest this page to you good sir.

Elli Sanders

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