Jan 18

Magic Book Surprise

meet and fuck magic book hentai flash gameMagic Book Surprise Meet and Fuck

In this game, you are a nerdy white boy who is bullied by the school jock into doing his homework for him. While he is knocking you around, a book falls on your head, and his hot girlfriend comforts you. With the book you can change her into various different persona like an amazonian chick, a tough chick, a Medusa like chick, Jessica rabbit, or make her boobs ginormous and filled with milk. With certain persona you can interact with her further and have sex, be slapped, or milk her. The music changes for each persona. You can also change the nerdy white boy into a beast, ninja turtle, Mario, tentacle creature, or Austin powers. Only certain characters allow you to have sex with the chick. You can have tentacle sex, centaur sex, or cave man butt sex. After you are done finding at least most of the combinations, you can close the book and the chick will invite you to her house. Her jock boyfriend catches them together, but they simply use the book to turn him into a ballerina with a torn dress and super small penis.

This game is very interesting, and some of the characters you can change each person into is pretty cool. For more cool type of porno games do it!

Elli Sanders

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